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The Coffee Shop / Re: Just found a baby squirrel...please help
« Last post by DGSquared on August 09, 2019, 05:38:22 AM »

Okay, don't know how  Sugy's Squirrel Saga ended up. I miss Sugy and the rest of the old gang.





I'm just now finding this and it's hilarious.
The Coffee Shop / Re: The Crap Joke Thread / Adult Content
« Last post by DGSquared on August 09, 2019, 04:38:38 AM »

It's a shame that some posters post things here that they wouldn't write on paper ,and give to their own child to read.

Seriously? Give me a break! Think of how many excellent books wouldn't have been written if everyone had to show everything they've ever written to their kids. I can't even . . .  Who does this?

A man who  talks filth in front of another's child,
while covering the ears of his own -isn't much of a man
or father. -Jan Tetstone

A reminder that young children visit MWC. And regardless of labelling a post as vulgar -nasty- adult content ,such posts do show on 'most recent posts.'

It's a shame that some posters post things here that they wouldn't write on paper ,and give to their own child to read.

Limerick Addicts/ Go for it, be creative. Possible Adult/Sexual language.
This is another  thread that don't belong in the public domain.......  Jan

If you are letting your young children into a writer's forum, you might want to have your head examined. I have never, in the 12 years of being a member here, ever seen a young child on these boards. What young children want to hang out with adults in a writer's forum? None. Kids have better things to do.
Trust me Jan, no kids want to hang out in an adult writer's forum. If you are forcing your kids or grandkids, or any kids to hang out on the internet and read everything you write, I feel sorry for those kids. Take them to the park. There may be a slight chance of a very mature, curious eleven-year-old, wandering on to the site, maybe, but they aren't being very well supervised then, are they? Even so, they won't know what it all means until 3rd to 6th grade.

You should see the stuff they read in school these days. Now there's a job for you. Go the the elementary school library and volunteer to screen the words written by the writers in the books they have on the shelves for children to read.

There is no nice way to say this but it needs to be said because the mods aren't reeling you in . . .  For the love of God, Jan, please get off your sanctimonious high-horse. We are all fed up. No one is forcing you to read these things you go on about finding so offensive. It's a friggin' writer's forum, at least it used to be before everyone got sick of being berated or censured. If you don't like it, you can leave. Stop patrolling the boards and scolding or arguing with people. You're pushing people away. We get it. You're a perfect, do-no-wrong, innocent, church-lady who's writing is glorious. Maybe you should consider finding a nice religious writer's forum where you'll be happy.

I'm sorry. It's been one of those days and that's just the way I feel. This is the Crap Joke Thread. Literal sh*t. It was doing fine before you got here. You are the first and only person to complain about this in how many pages and posts? Do you realize how many years of laughter and camaraderie have been provided in these pages?


The Coffee Shop / Re: The Crap Joke Thread / Adult Content
« Last post by DGSquared on August 09, 2019, 04:29:13 AM »
But I will  ;D 'Vienna for President'

An American author decides towrite a book about the churches and cathedrals of Europe, so of course he needs to go to Europe to do research. His first stop is the Vatican and on his tour round he notices a big golden telephone on the wall with a sign above saying 'Twenty thousand dollars direct line to God'. He asks one of the nearby priests what it's all about and the priest replies, " it's true, pay Twenty Thosand dollars and you've got a direct line to the big G himself".

Every church and cathedral he goes to during his travels through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany etc he finds the same golden telephone with the same sign. It gets to the point where he decides to go back to the states to write his book but then he realises that he's not been to the UK. So, after getting a flight over he finds himself in a little village church in North Yorkshire. Sure enough same big golden telephone on the wall but the sign above reads '20p direct line to God'. He says to the Vicar, "everywhere else that I've been it has always been 'Twenty Thousand Dollars direct line to God'. Why is it only 20p here?".

The Vicar replies "Here its only a local call"  ;D
I thought that telephone line was at our country church in Blueridge, WV. It was on a party-line. Does anyone remember the party-line before it was an 800 number? :-D
Authors' Resource Centre / Re: Grammar Checker & Style Editing Tool
« Last post by landmersm on August 08, 2019, 10:28:40 PM »
There's also something called the Hemingway Editor.

I've used it a time or two. My only real complaint is that it treats a conversation much the same as a scientific encyclopedia, meaning it cannot tell what should be slang and what should not. It thinks a chat between two old friends should be English professor correct.

But, as far looking at the descriptive parts of your story, it does a good job of breaking down what you have. It can even show when you're being passive.

It's not perfect by any means, and it really bogs down when you copy and paste thousands and thousands of words, but it is a useful tool.

Welcome Board - START HERE! / Hello MWC!
« Last post by SkyTrueblue on August 08, 2019, 06:49:16 AM »
I just discovered this site and it seems promising. I look forward to sharing my work here and reading yours.
All the Write Questions / Speech Tags
« Last post by jirapon on August 07, 2019, 09:27:41 AM »


They can do more than just tell the reader who is speaking

Speech tags can be as simple as said or as complicated as three paragraphs of hand motions. Said is best used, in my humble opinion, when the dialogue is important and you want the reader's full attention. Hand motions and facial expressions are good for emphasizing how characters respond to the dialogue or even just for exhibiting mannerisms that help establish their character. This list includes speech tags that I've found in various works and the only reason for maintaining this list is so I can occasionally browse through it when I'm searching for just the right way to describe something and I think said isn't quite the right word.

Adding adverbs allows the author to convey emphasis and feeling and can be an excellent device for conveying how the person speaking feels or even how the person hearing the words thinks the person feels. The author needs to be cautious, however, in the use of adverbs after the word, said as this can degrade into Tom Swifties. [Yes,  Tom said swiftly.] They should be used sparingly and appropriately.
Said Michael, in an extremely neutral tone.
Said soothingly
Said plainly
Said cheerily
Said faintly
asked quietly

Other ways of adding more depth include all of the following:
Same arctic voice
he began, and stalled
in a tone of mild encouragement
fell into a digestive silence
noted with dark amusement
He went on more confidently
Pointed out
In a decidedly odd tone
Cleared his throat, and began
Sputtered, momentarily beyond words
Crying openly now, thin strained sobs
Reporting how the person responds to the last line said can also convey a great deal
Looked quite stunned, his mouth slightly open.
Leaned forward, staring avidly
eyed him dubiously
Screwed up her mouth, and shook her head
Raised an inquiring eyebrow at this
Glanced aside
Grimaced hopelessly
Looked indignant, then blinked
Studied Michael dubiously, shrugged, and advanced toward the bay window.
Nodded and withdrew
Sighed bitter agreement
Shot him an annoyed, wary look
Smile faded from wry to pensive
Looked pleased, watching him fold so neatly
Let him burble on until he ran down
Renewed wariness closed down the expression on his face
She looked away from him. Mumbled diffidently...
Sighed dreamily
Agreed sunnily
Smiled hopefully
Her expression was disturbingly fey
His answering smile seemed to lighten his eyes
Sincere, if daunted confusion

Hand gestures include:
Opened her hands back to him
Gestured to the chair opposite him, across the low table
Tented his hands in a gesture of reason
In a supremely sinister gesture...
Waved it away
Gestured helplessly, and gave her an earnest look

Body language includes:

His eyes narrowed
Lips twisted in sympathy with her expression
Tried to rub the involuntary smile from her lips, and failed
Laughed painfully
Wrenched a short little nod from her and a brief, bleak
Walked backwards a moment, watching her retreat. She strode on, head down, and didn't look back. Shaking his head, Michael passed out of sight.
Inspired to a touch of malice, Michael let his brows climb
Kept his expression to no more than a faint, slight smile.
Rubbed his chin
lips were tight and eyes a little blurry as he digested Michael's words
Stared at her in astonishment, his lips moved on one or two tries at speech, before his mouth at last made it into motion.
Seated himself a little stiffly as if not altogether comfortable
Smile remained fixed
Eyed Michael in growing conjecture
Smirked, obviously satisfied at Michael's dismay
Pressed his lips thoughtfully together
Gritted his teeth
Pursed his lips, then tried not to smile too broadly
Waited impatiently
Looked at him inquiringly
Face softened at the mention of her name, and he paused, an odd smile playing on his lips
His face stiff
eyed her with extreme wariness

Inner thoughts:
The unacknowledged panic which had gripped his throat for weeks seemed to ease, as he stared out into the sunny scene below.
Hesitated, his stomach tightening in distaste for the task ahead
*****clutching for coherence in her seething brain
Self-Publishing Central / Need an editor
« Last post by jirapon on August 07, 2019, 08:22:50 AM »
Hello all. So, I'm newly published and I've been trying to find a new editor. Mine is going her own way. She was someone I knew via a friend that works for a small e-book pub. This has been one of the big pains in the pants of self publishing. How can a new author pay $1000 and up for publishing? My first book, even with a publisher, didn't make a third of that with five solid stars on Amazon.

Aren't there many other editors looking for side-jobs to supplement their regular work besides my girl? I'm getting desperate. When my current project ends, I have no editor and my publisher only wants part of my work. My writing has very much improved but I'm particular and bad on punctuation. I won't release a self-pubbed book with lots of errors. My first book only had two in the entire book. *snort* One was on the back cover for all to see. The pub was responsible for that one. Got his rear chewed good.

Yeah, I may be looking for a new publisher too.

Review My Poetry / Re: The World I Live In
« Last post by dlp on August 07, 2019, 05:06:02 AM »
this sounds like something you would hear on Sunday morning. I think preaching is best left to the pulpit
Review My Poetry / terminology for the absolute
« Last post by dlp on August 07, 2019, 04:58:07 AM »
All is Nothing
Nothing is All.

Is is Is
and  Is is not Is not,
for Is not is Is not
and vice versa.

Or versa vise.
For versa vice is its own
Vice versa.
All the Write Questions / Re: How Can We Improve My Writers Circle?
« Last post by JameelaM on August 06, 2019, 09:04:45 PM »
Hey Vienna,

Thanks for completing the survey, much appreciated!

We have implemented a plug in that has been working well to reduce the level of spam we saw when the forum was updated to the latest version, there are occasional posts that get flagged for approval and as a community member you are always welcome to report anything you find that you feel could be spam so that we can remove it if needed.

If there are any members that are in violation of the terms of use please feel free to send me a PM so that we can address the issue accordingly.

My Writers Circle is a welcoming place and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share their works.

Thanks for chiming in and we appreciate you being a part of MWC!
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