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I just finished writing a rather comprehensive reply on a thread about
Beta reading you might like to see at:

In that reply I tell about publishing on a (Authors) Blog.

If you have info about your nonfiction book you might consider to
write about your non fiction book and share some parts ('Samples')
in blog posts on a blog...?

(You can see for yourself on my own Writers Blog how I share a few Samples in
a few Blog posts from my own (Co) Written E-Report about Digital Photography)

I not only have a Writers Blog, I also have a Healthy Lifestyle blog and
might be able to write about the fact that you have a 'Sample' of your
nonfiction book on your Blog.

The Writers Circle / Re: How to get beta readers?
« Last post by HPvD on January 17, 2021, 06:39:04 AM »
Do you perhaps have your own Authors Blog...?

Your own Authors Blog offers you an opportunity to write about your
Mystery Novellas, in a way that people might become curious.

Amung your readers you might find potential beta (and alpha) readers. 

It also offers you an opportunity to possibly share parts of your Novellas,
and give your readers an opportunity to share their comments & replies,
possibly even start online conversations among readers about your Novellas !

(That might even get you new ideas for New Novellas !)

You might even consider to offer your Novellas or only one of them as a
Free downloadable Pdf, with saying you would appreciate their readers reviews.

Personally I don't specifically have an actual Authors Blog, however I do have
a Writers Blog, where I write about Writing.

On that Blog I also have among other things info about our Colorful Nature Inspired  Social Share Cards you can Share on - Social Media -, (or buy as real cards if you like) and I share a few Samples you can read from an Pdf, E-Report about Making Money with Digital Photography that you can read about in blog posts.

Obviously for an Authors Blog you will need to get visitors to your site that want to
read your Blog (traffic) By regularly putting content on your blog, with writing new Blog posts, will automatically start you to get some organic traffic from the search engines, because of the keywords (topics) you write about.

We also generate traffic with for example our Pinterest Board Pin Images that we Publish and that get saved by others that save our Pins on their boards.

We also get attention by the Twitter Tweets that we Publish, and that
get Comments, Likes & Re-tweets by our Twitter followers etc. etc.   
Hope this might have given you some ideas about building
up a fan base with potential future readers...?

The Coffee Shop / Re: The MWC Bar/Red Barren Bar
« Last post by Noizchild on January 16, 2021, 11:17:25 PM »
Sorry, but no.
All the Write Questions / Writing tools
« Last post by JTetstone on January 16, 2021, 01:24:04 PM »
FREE writing courses

Maybe you’ve got all you need to actually get the writing done, but you could use a leg up when it comes to craft. These free, ten-day courses are intended to help you do the best writing you can!

On writing

Novel Writing 101 — Over the course of ten lessons, you will learn how to plan an amazing novel, create compelling characters, and build a writing routine to make sure you get from 'page one' to the final chapter of your magnum opus.

Writing Non-Fiction — In this 10 day course, publishing coach Azul Terronez goes through which common writing mistakes to avoid, which questions to ask yourself before you get started, and finally, how to stay motivated throughout the writing process.

Writing YA Novels — Over ten lessons, you will discover the most common pitfalls of first-time YA authors, and learn how to hone your craft towards writing for a teen audience.

How to Write a Business Book — In this course, Alison Jones, a publishing partner for businesses and organizations, will teach you how to approach the writing of your first book, from the idea itself down to the day-to-day writing routine you should adopt.
The Coffee Shop / Re: The MWC Bar/Red Barren Bar
« Last post by JTetstone on January 16, 2021, 12:44:15 PM »

I second that, Noizchild.<> I hear the Red Barren Bar is going to have a grand [re] opening soon. Have a good day, wherever you are.   jt
Hi There OdiousImp,

You Sir definitely didn't anything wrong! you've actually helped me immensely, especially with your examples of punctuation, That's something I never noticed about my writing, that I tend to use Semi-colon a lot, I will keep note of that and try to tone it down a little as I think it'll make for a better reading experience, Thank you.

The use of "fool" Thank you for bringing that to my attention as well, completely lapsed my mind, I will change that into something more suitable and I won't be using the same word everytime now, as I think that'll get boring.

Someone I know told me about "Passive term" he called it, I think that's what you mean by using "stops" instead of "Stopping" to make things quicker, You explain it so well, thank you for giving me examples, as it makes for editing my chapter much easier since I know what to look for now.

Oh, you were spot on that the mud was meant to be a surprise, I'm going to reword that bit slightly to make the surprise clearer as you said so.

About Carric, I'm glad you like him, also glad you found his problem interesting too, Hopefully in future chapters, I can keep people interested even after revealing said Condition.

Lastly, just thanks, man. Each critique I get helps me immensely Since I will be using the critiques of the first chapters to make edits, and I will use the edits as a guide for future chapters, and also as an example of "good writing" I guess :D

Thanks again, it's good to chat with you again
The Writers Circle / Re: Too many words...
« Last post by JudyWilliams on January 15, 2021, 09:07:35 AM »
So big that the standard length of the message won't be enough? Or you can publish your essay in several posts or publish the most interesting part of your essay.
My first time doing this as well, so please forgive me if I do something wrong.

Your first chapter was definitely enjoyable to read, it was interesting too Carric problems. You said how were worried you hadn't explained well enough and to be honest it's not really something you can explain without directly stating it, I think that a reason this chapter was so enjoyable was the idea that the reader didn't know what was happening fully, this is just first chapter don't feel as if you have to explain everything in it. By not doing so you urge the reader to carry on reading and there when it fits in a little better you could explain it then??

If you wanted to know what I thought, It came across to me as though it was his own thoughts talking to him. Perhaps he was troubled with the idea of killing someone and he was making himself do it?

“We” Carric rushed out of brush"

I like this line, however I'm not sure if it was question or a statement and that could change quite a bit towards our understanding of how Carric feels.

Your choice of writing the other voice in a slang tone, does work but you could try and keep it a bit more consistent.

Fool, you value the stones beneath ya more than our life, quit kidding ya’self

What I mean the use of "Fool" makes me think he will start of all posh but then he starts saying "ya" and I'm a bit taken back and it doesn't sound right to read.

Your use of semi-colons is grammatically fine but as you know not many books actually use this many.

He sniffs at it; opening his mouth to taste it in the air

Here a comma would be fine.

"Carric’s feet submerge, his frenzied momentum halted; ankle deep in the mud; he hauls his feet forward. "

Maybe two short sentences instead?

One thing that you might want to change is swapping verbs like "stopped" with "stops", I forgot what these were called now, but the latter makes your writing a bit quicker and flow nicer. This is out of action scene as you unconsciously have wrote with verbs like "stops" in the action scene.

Now the action scene -  I like it. It's quick paced and not too confusing. However I got slightly confused when he sunk into a bog suddenly. I get you described it as "muddied earth" but that didn't do too much for me. If is meant to a surprise (as I think it is) could you make his surprise a bit clearer.

The second closest orc reels himself into the muck; axe and shield together he swings at the giant; who despite being ankle deep in muck he still towers over him.

This line is very clever, you are describing him without doing it directly, respect it just feels clever to read.

The third orc fight is basically perfect abliet some unusual word choices.

 "his eyes dart between his mortally wounded ally; the human, his brutally murdered friend and the crazed giant who caused all this,"

The semi-colon works here but the adjective crazed doesn't, it just doesn't fit it. You could probably get rid of it and it'd fine.

"lifeless eyes once filled with life."

Not really any point in saying lifeless then once filled with life. Maybe void eyes?

Now about Carric - I'm liking him, I immediately get his idea of a troubled main character which is just what I want. Someone who is troubled by his past and you don't need to reveal this, it's quite nice to keep us thinking.

"More silence, Carric continues walking completely exhausted mentally and physically; he holds his wounded left arm. "

The last bit feels a bit like a add-on, whenever you use semi-colons try to properly intergrate them into the sentence, perhaps "holding his wounded left arm"

In general I enjoyed reading it, it was quick but at the same time descriptive. I was working off the stereotype of what a giant and orc look like, so if you didn't want this you should describe them. You've written in a way that makes me want to read more and that is always good.
Review My Work / Re: Beta Reader for an article
« Last post by Eddieism on January 11, 2021, 10:21:21 PM »
Hi there,

No problem at all, I really enjoyed reading it. Btw I'm sure at least you can take half the credit :P anyways, I'll mention that to my partner, Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Good luck with your blog and writing future :D

Review My Work / Re: Beta Reader for an article
« Last post by sail on January 11, 2021, 09:32:09 PM »
Hi Eddieism,

Thanks a lot for the feedback! You made my day:)

Sample 1:
You are so right that this was aimed at women, but I agree with you that with gender roles shifting in our world today, even men are not immune to this feeling. To top it all, I believe that those brave men who choose to be stay at home dads are faced with biases and judgements for the choice they make. I truly wish that our society would make it easier for each of us to make our own choices without judgements.

I agree about the grammatical error of the sentence. I will make a change. Thanks for mentioning it.

Sample 2:
Thanks for your kind words about my child - but I cannot take credit:)

Congrats to you on "being yourself!" Like I mentioned in the sample, it is definitely not easy.

I hope that the article helps your partner. To be honest, I struggled with figuring out who I was - especially, after many years of choosing to stay home and focusing on my child. I can understand the anxiety and frustration. It took a lot of support, patience and encouragement as well as trial and error to figure out who I was and what I wanted for myself. In fact, I am still learning each day.

I would encourage your partner to treat it like a journey not a goal to achieve. It takes time to understand who we have become at any stage in life. A question that might help them - what would you tell someone you loved if they were in a similar situation? Or what would you want for them? The answers to the questions above was very helpful for me. Good luck to your partner!

Thanks once again for taking the time for me - it means so much as someone who is just starting on this adventure. Appreciate it!
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