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My background is reading women writers from Virginia Woolf to Alice Munro. It turns out there are very many, far too many to keep up.  I was turned by Susan Straight, who I understand is in California.  My own work involves a black woman who gets in accident near Chicacgo in  2011. The worry follows from then until now.
In writing the subject of romance or its absence came up over and over. The problem is a head injury doesn't lend itself to romance. The thing I read in you is the strong women aspect, which is integral to the recent work.
Welcome Board - START HERE! / Re: New Member!
« Last post by opinionprojects on April 15, 2021, 01:40:56 PM »
Hey, I 've been working on a novel since September, and now have 73,000 words. I'm new to this site, and wonder how to participate, I'll look around for awhile first. 
Welcome Board - START HERE! / Just signed up
« Last post by opinionprojects on April 15, 2021, 01:35:00 PM »
I just signed up, am happy to read others, and need feedback on a manuscript. I can submit a page or 2, the subject is straight forward.  Thanks for any comments.

It’s always someone else until it's you. A crash changes your life forever; Sounds unacceptable, unbelievable, and inconsistent with any positive view.  A crash changes someone else’s life forever, someone you don’t know; Sounds a little easier to accept, believe, and even harmonize with a positive world view.
   Every event has three stories, three descriptions. Your description, what you see and feel; any eye witness's version, and what happens, the truth.
   It’s different on the freeway, where at least four stories come from every collision. The first two versions come from drivers and passengers, the third is from the police report, and the fourth is what happened.  Many more accounts or renderings come from experts, reconstructions, lawyers, judges, and juries, all interpreting the story through each one’s personal experience.
May 20, 2011
   On Thursday, Taneka Morgan, a Florida-based designer in a family clothing business called Morgan’s Custom Clothiers, drives a delivery van Florida to Chicago. The van is filled with clothes and accessories Taneka designed at Morgan's Custom Clothiers. She is going to Chicago to deliver the goods to a long-time customer at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. Driving is not part of Taneka's design work, more of a break from her daily routine of designing and fashioning women’s clothes at Morgan's Custom Clothiers, the family business in Olmstead, Florida.
   Taneka is on the road for three days, now near noon. ‘I hope to make it to the city before lunch ends,’ she thinks to herself, referring to a lunch meeting with Analise Mendoza, a friend she calls An, while An calls her Tan, between noon and 2:00 p.m. Both know Chicago traffic, ‘She won’t be surprised if I’m late,’ Taneka thinks, though the road in front of her is traffic-free.
Welcome Board - START HERE! / Hello! I'm a romance writer new to this forum
« Last post by linneaelaine on April 14, 2021, 05:29:26 PM »
Hi everyone,

I'm Linnea, and I am a relatively new romance writer from northern California.

I write contemporary romance with strong, self-sufficient heroines. I'm currently working on several different projects; a series about the women associated with a non-profit, Women's Work, supporting female small business owners, and another stand-alone slow burn novel based here in NorCal.

I'd love to find beta readers or a critique partner for my first novel, Became Blue, the first novel in the Women's Work series.
Writers Wanted! / Editorial help required with plot clarity
« Last post by carmenmorris on April 14, 2021, 02:51:18 PM »
An author seeks editorial help with a novel. The author has written the first 70% and the final 20%, but there's about 10% in between where the climax needs to take place and how the plot will work. Another pair of eyes is required to read the book as it exists, and then help the author brainstorm how to work out the kinks in her plot.

Requirements for this project
•   Read the novel once
•    Write 1 to 2 (minimum) pages of first impressions on plot, character, pacing (the author will provide a more specific brief)
•   Have a 1-hour phone conversation with the author going over thoughts/feedback/first impressions
•   Read the novel a second time
•   Write 2 to 3 pages (minimum) of suggestions specifically related to solving the plot problem (again, the author will provide a brief)
•   Have a 1 to 2-hour phone conversation with the author to go over alternate ideas and possible solutions to the plot issue

This project should take approximately 20-25 hours to complete. Payments will be made on completion of the following tasks:
Reading the book and submitting notes $100
1st telephone conversation $100
Reading the book a second time and submitting notes $150
2nd telephone conversation $150

To apply, please submit a novel or novel-length story of your own to If you don't have one, you can submit two shorter pieces, but they should still be substantial, plot-based stories, something that's over 20,000 words or 40 pages.

Please note that because of the time required to review applications, it may take 3 to 4 weeks before you receive a response.
The Writers Circle / Re: How did you start as a writer?
« Last post by sinsofscience on April 13, 2021, 08:45:21 PM »
In my teen years, writing was something I just sort of did once in a couple of years. I would get a story idea, write it out, and then put it in a drawer and just leave it. I had it in my head for many years that I was going to be a recording artist, making a living out of recording and selling music.

In 2012, I decided one day at work to entertain myself by making up a story in my head throughout my shift. I later mentioned it to some friends, and they basically said, "If you write that, I will read the heck out of it." So, I did, and they really liked it. They wanted more from me, and it made me think that I might have a future in writing. Since then, I've been learning lots of stuff, honing my craft, and all that stuff.
The Gallery / The Night Creature- poem
« Last post by JTetstone on April 13, 2021, 04:23:54 PM »
The Night Creature

There's a darkness in the world
that only a few can see through,
Heartless and vain the dark
creature moves, unhindered by
mortal man.

Unaware of the light's eyes
watching its every move the
black souled creature moves
toward an innocent child,
thirsty for just one taste
of innocence-before the light
overtakes him and strips the
dark away; before the lie
can conceive eternal night...
and outen life eternal flames.

The night creature dies
reaching for the light
he cannot obtain.
        -Jan Tetstone
9:51am April 13, 2021

Welcome Board - START HERE! / Hello Fellow Writers :)
« Last post by sinsofscience on April 13, 2021, 12:57:07 AM »
Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you!

First, I have to apologize. I registered for this site a couple of months ago, decided to edit a bunch of stuff, and am only now getting to my introduction post. Sorry about that.

I'm a fiction writer living in western Canada. I'm still pretty new, so I'm trying a little bit of everything in terms of genre right now. To improve my craft, I've written scripts, short stories, novellas, and have also in recent months finished the seventh revision of my first novel, which I am hoping to self-publish within the next year.

If I may, I'm currently looking for beta readers on two projects.


Following the death of her father, Alexandra struggles with grief, the weight of her destiny, and a dark side emerging within her. An investigation frantically searches for the doomsday cult that took her father's life. Action and mystery, not entirely sure of the audience. Thinking adult, due to violence, and implied sexual themes. 206 legal size pages, including title page.

While any and all input is welcome, I could especially use input from those with experience as a police officer, detective, martial arts trainer, or fitness trainer.


A fanfiction based on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A member of Diamond Dogs, Dubious Leopard, meets the enigmatic sniper Quiet, who leads him on a journey of self discovery that will change his life. Mil-sci-fi, for adult readers due to language and violence. 116 legal size pages, including title page.

If you have experience working in a hospital, or as a field medic, I could use your help to nail down some details. Also, if you are not familiar with the Metal Gear series of games, I could definitely use your input as well, to see how accessible this story is to newcomers.

Fair warning, this story spoils a bunch of Metal Gear games.

I would be sending any volunteers a OneDrive link to a PDF of the story in question. In return, I will add you to the acknowledgements in the relevant project, and would gladly beta read any fiction you have written, and am open to all genres. That's pretty much all I've got to barter right now, haha.

Also, if anyone just needs a fresh pair of eyes on their work, please don't hesitate to ask. The only time I would say no is if I'm already reading someone's project. I'm looking forward to working with you all!
Welcome Board - START HERE! / Hello! Green writer here!!
« Last post by Youngbisby on April 11, 2021, 03:24:25 PM »
Hi Everyone! Much Respect to all the fellow writers out there, more then likely 999/1000 of you will be far and beyond my level of understanding, and for that my respect goes out to you! I hope to learn from reading what others write and hopefully also some feedback on some pieces that I write, I know I need it. I do not write for much purpose other then the love of writing at the moment. One day, hopefully as I progress through different writing styles, I hope to find the ambition and ability to write my life's Journey into a book, though at the moment that seems to daunting and beyond my skill. I enjoy writing various forms of poetry, short stories, and philosophical pieces. Appreciate all feedback, sometimes growth hurts! Give it to me straight. Respect. :)
Review My Work / The Bird Call, Story Outline (740 words)
« Last post by c.e.abrams on April 10, 2021, 10:58:34 PM »
Savya starts her new job, so she spends the day snooping. A stream of light outside distracts her and she breaks a window, so she's sent home early.

Penel is approached by Teykah about a prophecy he had of her unconvering the sunken city, but after finding info on the sunken city in her dad's study at home she agrees to help Teykah.

Bhinne returns home from a work trip to find out that Uncle is dead, Mirka is missing, and Kamroan went to the Docks to find her, so Bhinne goes looking for Kamroan at the Docks. She meets the Dock owners instead, Goubrien and Zoud, who tell her Kamroan and Mirka are probably in the creepy mansion in the middle of the woods with a stream of light trickling down over it. They agree to go with her.

Savya is assigned double hours to pay for the broken window and a supervisor android is told to watch over her. She names the android Alizea. She finds out the med catchers usually bring the assets (customers) they seize to the incinerator in the lower levels and it runs at the end of the week for a whole day.

Penel and Teykah find out at the study that Lither-Cagni knows enough to help them, but he refuses to let Teykah in his shop and suggest she leave him, too. Penel leaves with Teykah to the next city.

Bhinne, Zeud, and Goubrien break into the mansion but find nothing and Bhinne's wrist gets broken by Alizea, so they recoup back at the shack.

Savya's roommate has a medical emergency, but Savya goes to work and sends an alert instead. At work she learns that her roommate's parents were disposed of by med catchers. When she goes back home her roommate is missing.

Penel and Teykah find the lake and remove the magic core, but lawkeepers catch them and Teykah gets sucked through the hole of the core. Penel escapes and finds the entrance to the Odicant's tower.

Bhinne breaks into Gramma Elsie's shop with Zeud and Goubrien. They find out Gramma Elsie wanted to trap and kill Mirka for a while. Alizea kills Goibrien. Bhinne and Zeud escape to find Kamroan and they all go to the creepy mansion together. Alizea waits for them and breaks all of Zeuds limbs. Kamroan and Bhinne separate into a changing mansion. Bhinne finds Mirka behind a wall of glass with a big pregnant belly.

Savya returns to work and, ignoring Alizea, searches for info on the med catchers. She finds proof her roommate was brough to the lower levels, so she has a few hours to get to her. But Alizea tells on her and she's sent there anyway.

Penel raises the Odicant's tower and Lither-Cagni shows up to say lawkeepers are on their way in, so they continue down the tower into the sunken city where they're taken prisoner separately by the Odicant.

Bhinne gets to Mirka and they escape, but they're chased over the forbidden wall. Alizea and Kamroan find them just before Mirka goes into labor but when a flood of people rush through the tower, the only people left together are Alizea and Bhinne. She follows Alizea to a secret entrance.

Savya finds her roommate in the nets. She gets Alizea out but Alizea just watches so Savya gets a few others out on her own before the rest are incinerated. She shuts off Alizea and they escape through a secret tunnel into an abandoned mansion. The roommate stays in the mansion. Savya goes on a ship to Maltu and the stream of light fades.

Penel gets herself and Lither-Cagni out. They find Alizea who leads them out. They're met with lawkeepers and Odicant followers, so they fight until the Odicant retreat. Penel returns home and the stream of light fades.

Bhinne and Alizea get inside the tower but the Odicant shows up and takes out Alizea's brain chip, so Bhinne kills her and puts the chip back. Alizea helps her find Mirka as the baby is born, but Alizea takes the baby and runs. Gramma Elsie shows up to keep Mirka, but Kamroan also shows up to kill her with Bhinne. They get Mirka out and Bhinne goes and gets her baby from Alizea at the creepy mansion. The stream of light fades.
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