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The Coffee Shop / Re: Round table Question of the day
« Last post by JTetstone on Yesterday at 02:03:11 PM »
Is the climate changing or are earth scientist [geoengineering] deliberately manipulating the weather for profit, or to hide what lay behind the man-made sky covers?

As a 'sky-watcher' I have documented the sky changes, taking place above my head, for many years. I documented what I saw. I made videos and took[still have 100s]of pictures. I posted many videos of what I captured on tape.....on Youtube. It's not surprising to me that all of the 100's of videos,except two,which have been screwed with,have been removed.

I would suggest, instead of always looking down or around when out doors that you look upward. What you see might surprise you.

Man has already over-stepped the boundary of safety set by nature's god.
Those listening to people like David Keith- should keep in mind- he has much ,money wise, to gain from playing god with the sky.

Carbon dioxide capture  Inventor David Keith Maryam Mahmoudkhani
Current Assignee Carbon Engineering Ltd
A method of carbon dioxide capture is disclosed. In a step (a) anhydrous sodium carbonate is separated from a first aqueous solution formed by reacting carbon dioxide and an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide. In step (b) the anhydrous sodium carbonate is treated by causticization to generate carbon dioxide and sodium hydroxide. The first aqueous solution of step (a) is formed by scrubbing a gas containing carbon dioxide with an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide.

Note:Mr. Keith Filed for patent in 2008.
I really liked your writing style. Vivid and evocative.

The only thing that confused me a little was the switch from Baldor to Aefre’s points of view. Am I right they are in different places? I wonder if that can be made clearer. But this might just be me being a bit thick!
Review My Work / Re: literary fiction sample chapter
« Last post by Rowan Adams on Yesterday at 12:34:34 PM »
I like your writing style. It flows, it’s engaging and smart.

I was interested in the use of “mum”. I noticed it because I’m English so we use “mum” rather than “mom” but the rest of your writing seems to be in US English.
Welcome Board - START HERE! / New romance/erotica writer
« Last post by Rowan Adams on Yesterday at 07:46:38 AM »
Hello all

Finally got round to introducing myself on here.

I’m a writer from Norfolk, UK. I used to write a lot in my teens and 20s then life got in the way. I’m returning to it now.

My stories are a bit of a mixture, but because they are usually centred around love/relationships they come under the genre “romance”. They get pretty sexy too, so they can be erotic romance. They often feature young adults (late teens & 20s - new adult genre) and are usually contemporary with some elements of magic realism.

I’m also interested in mythology and diversity so my characters run the gamut of backgrounds and sexualities, and also sometimes reference mythological tropes.

I’d like to get feedback / beta reading and am happy to provide that in return to others.

Open to conversation if any of this interests you. Happy to beta read in romance, erotica, literary, fantasy genres.

Rowan Adams is a pen name so I go by “Rowan” here.

Rowan :)
Hello, your topic is close to my interest in psychology and communication. I'm an experienced writer, editor and trainer who'd be glad to read your MS. Please clue me in on your main and secondary goals and I'll give you my best suggestions. When my book is ready to roll, I might ask for your feedback!
Welcome Board - START HERE! / Hello and glad to be here!
« Last post by Couper on Yesterday at 05:08:33 AM »
I'm John, just leaping into publishing, hope to forge some helpful connections. 
Hello, I'm a retired journalist and professor who will soon finish my first NF self-development book-- on psychology and communication (my passion and also academic field).  I will ask for readers when the book's at a Beta level, but glad to read and critique any related books.  If that sounds good, please tell me any aspects to look for (flow, clarity, word choice, etc.) Don't worry... despite my background I'm friendly and direct. John in snowy Riga, Latvia.
Writing Games & Challenges / Re: Poetry Challenge #105 (Go Vote!!!)
« Last post by JTetstone on March 07, 2021, 11:06:22 PM »

With intellect, sass, flauntingly, they say,
"what dark minds surround us these days".
Unaware of the pity, hypocrisy, viciously,
they go on being what they talk about.

This is a short poem about double standards and how people are giving live-demo of the same at almost all the times when they talk about it.
I have included Wit/Wordplay Humor

Delilah, I like the write. It is so true...
The Coffee Shop / Re: Round table Question of the day
« Last post by JTetstone on March 07, 2021, 06:38:43 PM »
Are "experts" in any field super humans?   Can one be trained to understand another's mindset from books  ???

People should stop trying to influence other peoples' way of thinking/behaving, and work on their own flaws.

To think that one can take a psychology class and become an authority on humans, and what makes a person act,in certain situations, the way they do... is laughable.

Only by experiencing/living another's life can one understand what makes another 'tick.'

I dare say, what I have witnessed  in my life time- leaves little doubt, in my mind, at least,that most in the profession(today) are content judging others mental states, by what another "wrote" in a book.

Which is really a shame, because time has away of bring us, as human beings, face to face with our own "true" self.

Life should be lived and not put under a microscope.
The Coffee Shop / Re: Quotes that make you stop
« Last post by Noizchild on March 07, 2021, 05:00:59 PM »
"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." --William James
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