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All the Write Questions / Guides For Using Pronouns Correctly
« Last post by heartsongjt on Today at 12:38:12 PM »
Guides For Using Pronouns Correctly

Choose subject forms when you use pronouns as subjects.

Correct: He and I saw the fire.
Incorrect: Him and me saw the fire.

He and I are both subjects of the verb saw.
Him and me are not subject forms and should not be used as subjects of sentences.

These are subject pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we, they

Make sentences using two subject pronouns or a pronoun and a noun as subjects.
Remember to put I last when you speak of yourself and another person.

To Be Continued . . .

Review My Poetry / Re: Frail
« Last post by dlp on Today at 04:13:18 AM »
poetry is a condensed form of language, any word not needed has to go. words like -- and but, and, even the, needs to be look at. there are a couple that i think can go.  The line "and all that was said was said" might be one, there are a few more that can go also.  the line
"But still the sleeping sadness was still"  needs to be worked on .all and all a good poem. of course the ideas are imp. 

The Gallery / Inner Beauty - poem
« Last post by heartsongjt on Yesterday at 09:07:02 PM »
Inner Beauty

Outside beauty fades with time
Inner beauty is the lasting kind.
Worry not about the lines the
years leave behind......

Inner beauty is eternal
it never tarnishes or loses
its shine..

Let your beauty shine in everything
you do....
Don't lose sight of the inner you...
that's who you were before
you were born... that who you are
today and that's who you will always be
after this life fades away.
              -Jan Tetstone
3:04am June 8, 2017
Self-Publishing Central / Re: What tools do you use when you write??
« Last post by landmersm on Yesterday at 07:50:21 PM »
I use MS Word with some nice chill-trance music in the background. I use Balabolka to read it back to me when finished.
Self-Publishing Central / Re: What tools do you use when you write??
« Last post by heartsongjt on Yesterday at 03:14:48 PM »
HPvD, Interesting site you have.

Review My Work / Re: First chapters of my middle grade fiction novel
« Last post by heartsongjt on Yesterday at 03:02:16 PM »
I read the story twice. It's well written, and something my teenage grandchildren would enjoy reading.
Good luck with your writing.
Writers Wanted! / Re: LAST CHANCE: Get Your Script in the Running Today!
« Last post by heartsongjt on Yesterday at 02:40:15 PM »
The PAGE Awards has been a great professional resource for me

Thank you, Kristen. I checked out the link and found this info.          Jan

The 2019 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards competition! In just a few short months, our Judges will once again present over $50,000 in cash and prizes to some of the most talented new screenwriters from across the country and around the world.
Writers Wanted! / Re: LAST CHANCE: Get Your Script in the Running Today!
« Last post by KristenTirado on Yesterday at 05:33:43 AM »
The PAGE Awards has been a great professional resource for me
Self-Publishing Central / Re: What tools do you use when you write??
« Last post by HPvD on Yesterday at 04:30:27 AM »
In a previous blog post I already wrote about writing with
our own (overprint) self-designed pens,

Since I do many types of writing I like to do writing in many
specific types of notebooks, to 'Scratch My Own Itch' we designed
different notbooks for many types of writing....,

For example we have several special Travel Notebooks & Journals with images from
several specific Travel destinations for travel writing, making travel notes,
We also have a self-designed Funny Talking Parrot design notebook
that you might want to use for example for writing speeches. I also designed
among other things special Food Notebooks with photos from
different kind of dishes, and also a special Recipe Notebook
(with a funny looking cooking cartoon octopus on it)

Specially for writing notes about Music a special Music Notebook,
with a weird looking drumming Octopus Cartoon on it, 
and a Notebook with a Cartoon Style Drawn Light Bulb
with the text: "I am Inspired" especially for writers. 

It goes without saying that to get extra motivated we also
have a special - with typewriter lettering -

'I am a Bestselling Author' Coffee Mug! :)

Review My Work / First chapters of my middle grade fiction novel
« Last post by ponpan on Yesterday at 01:47:31 AM »
The pitch:
12-year-old Henry Davenport’s life is about to be turned upside down. Convinced he’s adopted, he takes a DNA test to find out for sure. Henry’s results confirm his suspicions, but raise larger questions when his DNA is listed as half anomaly. That’s like the doctor saying you have an unknown blood type—it can’t happen. With the government believing his 50 percent anomaly is actually alien DNA, a rogue federal agent comes after Henry and makes his life unbearable. But life can take a strange twist and it does when Henry begins to show some unusual abilities. Can the government be right?

Anomaly tells the story of Henry’s search for his origins and his dawning realization that he may not be the normal 8th grader he thought he was. Henry has a choice to make: stay in the shadows or fight back against the agent and risk everything.

The first chapters of Anomaly:

1 | A fast start

The sirens come from every direction. There’s so many, every last one of the White Bear Lake police must be on the way. The sound of a shoe scrape gets me running even faster, even though my heart is already threatening to drum its way out of my chest. But I’m not going to let them catch me, I still don’t have my answers yet.

A red Miata pulls out of the alley ahead of me. With the sidewalk blocked, I’m forced hard to my right. I bounce off the side of the sportscar and head into the alley. “Sorry,” I call after him. Moving fast behind the downtown storefronts, my heart is still pounding, though less from the run and more from being chased. But don’t get me wrong, I like to run. It’s one of the few things I’m good at. My father says that with my long legs, I am built for running. The rest of my family more resembles a fire hydrant: short, stocky and solid as steel. Me, I’m giraffe tall and thin enough to be concerned when the wind blows.

I don’t hear anyone pursuing me, but the loud wail of the sirens masks every other sound. And I’m not willing to risk a glance behind as it might slow me down—or terrify me. I hate being chased.

I’m running out of alley and options. A right turn will head me toward the lake and I’m not a good swimmer. Put me in water, and I sink like a rock. A left turn will bring me towards Highway 61, which means more traffic and more possibilities. Left it is.

A small dog, a Yorkshire terrier, races along the sidewalk across the alley’s entrance. A leash drags along behind it, closely followed by a young girl. She’s crying as she struggles to catch up. With all the converging police squads, having a dog on the loose—let alone a four-year-old chasing it—is going to be a dangerous combination. My left turn to freedom will have to wait.

Taking the right turn, I’m almost immediately next to the girl. Her blonde pigtails bounce as she runs. “Ollie,” she wails. “Stop.” But there’s no way she’s going to be able to catch up to her speedy dog.

“Hang on,” I tell her. “I got him,” and several steps later I have him. I deposit the little furball back into the girl’s arms. Her eyes go wide and she looks like she doesn’t know if she should stop crying yet or not. “All better,” I say as I ruffle her hair in a gesture I really don’t have time for. Glancing up from her big eyes, I see two men burst out from the alley. They’re wearing dark suits and dark sunglasses and frankly, they scare me.

“He went that way,” I say pointing in the other direction. They can’t help themselves and turn to look. “Gotta run,” I tell Ollie and give him a quick pat and smile at the girl. I turn and accelerate away, anxious to get some distance away from my pursuers. I probably shouldn’t have stopped, but helping animals and people is hard-wired in me. I’d stop again, no matter how many are chasing me.

I’m running down the sidewalk, passing the familiar landmarks of our town, Runyon’s Dance Studio, Pearson’s Candies and Evans Music, wondering how it could possibly have come to this. I was always told it was good to ask questions.

Tires squeal on the next block as the sirens draw closer. And with two men chasing me, clearly I’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest. Not wanting to meet the business end of the bees, I’m running as fast as I can. I don’t want their questions. I need my answers.

A squad car rolls to a stop at the end of the block directly in front of me. The officer is looking at me as he hurries out of his car. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want a policeman’s full attention. Even if I haven’t done anything wrong, it still makes me feel guilty to have him staring me down.

I put on the brakes and look back. No longer paired up, one of the men has crossed the street and is moving down the opposite sidewalk in my direction. The other man is several storefronts down from me. I appear to have their full attention as well. Sure, any other day when I’m in a store and trying to get an adult salesperson’s attention, I’m totally
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