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Title: Here to Help and Look for Help
Post by: Greg Katski on September 26, 2021, 11:36:32 AM
Hello fellow writers and dreamers. My name is Greg Katski and for the last five (maybe six?) years I have been writing and revising (and revising) my first novel. It is semi-autobiographical and deals with mental health (something I think our society could do a much better job of addressing). It is also very personal, but I feel like the finest writing is!

I am now ready to share my manuscript with some lovely beta readers. I would also be more than happy to provide a critique of others' writing, especially if it is of a similar vain (i.e. autobiographical, YA, focused on mental health).

A general synopsis of my novel: After a freak accident at a young age leaves his face partially disfigured, Pete comes of age in suburban Maryland while coping with his disability and, ultimately, takes on the persona of his mafia movie idols.

Please let me know if you have a manuscript you would like me to review and provide feedback on. I am a writer and editor by trade and went to school for journalism and literature. I have been in the communications business for over 10 years and work as a marketing and public relations specialist for an environmental remediation company.

Also, please reply if you would like to connect about my novel.
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