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Title: Beta readers for 116k New Adult Political/Urban Fantasy Novel
Post by: LenaMvx on September 23, 2021, 04:43:32 PM
Hi guys!
I'm looking for beta readers for my finished novel (third draft, you would help finalize it into a fourth and final draft :)). I'm hoping to finish the beta reading by early January so I can clean it all up and send it to agents n February. 🙂

Here is some info about the novel:
Series: "The Circle of Clans" (Book 1, obviously! - there is a plan for four series overall, so some things won't be resolved by the end of the series).
Title: "The Blood of the Circle"

Genre: New Adult, Fantasy (A bit of a mix: political fantasy, urban fantasy, sword and sorcery, it also evolves as the series go,...)

Info about the book: vast ensemble of characters and many, many POVs (if that's not your thing, you probably will hate this). 3rd person internal point of view. Series will be five books. Mentions blood, violence, terror attacks, deaths (including of young children), PTSD, anxiety and other mental health issues (including, in passing, anorexia in future books), family conflicts, torture, and will feature in future books sexual assault, so trigger warning for that. It's a book that relies heavily on how things function (magic, the Circle, etc) and that is more character-oriented than plot-oriented. The magic system is principally based on auras, chakras and stuff, so again if that's not your thing maybe this book is not for you, but if you're open to it, awesome! It has some romance but not a whole lot, however the romance does have some sex scenes, though nothing graphic.

Length: around 116820 words

Blurb: I'm TERRIBLE at blurbs! I'm working on it but here's something for now!
"Camille and Dylan are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, Camille has always known about the magical forces that rule the world. Meant to one day lead the Circle of Clans, the institution that supervises the magical beings that rule the world, she is torn by the war that brews within the ranks of the Circle. When tragedy strikes, it is finally time for her to take a decision: will she stand with her people or stay true to her heart? And does she even want the future that's been laid out for her?
Dylan, on the other hand, knows nothing of the Circle until his cousin waltzes back into his life and drags him into a world of Faes, Warlocks, Druids and Enchantresses. While she struggles with her inner conflict and the wider one that disturbs the peace of t he Circle, he has to decide if he really wants, after all, to know everything the world has to hide, and to offer."

Infos about the reviews:
I'm looking for reviews that focus more on the developmental aspects: do the POVS make sense? does this sentence sound ok? Is there a blatant plot hole I completely ignored? Do you care at all for the characters? Stuff like that. I put a bunch of questions on the side of the document on things that I particularly I'm interested in, but I welcome all your feedback.
I have someone doing line editing, so I'll be sending you the book in parts based on how much that person has advanced so you don't have to see my horrible two-o-clock writing mistakes. I'm looking for committed and involved reviewers for the long run 🙂 but of course if you don't like the story or writing, that's totally understandable and I won't be mad if you drop the book 🙂 I can send you a short sample by DM to see if you like it.

Thank you so much for reading this huge message! Please DM me if this seems like something you'd be into! I'm looking for one-on-one messages and also will probably create a group reviewing discussion so we can chat about the stuff we don't all agree on