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Title: From Jan Tetstone Poetry Diary
Post by: jt72 on June 27, 2021, 01:07:04 AM
Believe with your heart
that all things are possible
this world may beat me down
mentally and physically
but my spirit will not be broken.
Faith is a powerful weapon
against the dark
that takes on many forms,
in this world.
Trust your heart when
you cannot trust
The word was before
the world was formed
and many a man twists
reality with empty
Trust the god that
keeps the candle in you
Shine your light in
dark places
so others
can see.
Keep faith
let none trick you
into believing
another's belief.
One god
who answers to
many names.
Walk up-right
speak the truth
and the angels
will have a hand
in every thing
you do.
4:05pm June 26
-Jan Tetstone