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Title: Morning Thoughts
Post by: jt72 on June 26, 2021, 10:43:52 AM
It don't matter
where I stand
in your life
As long as the
day brings you
Love needs not
the sight of you
to love you
with all my heart.

Life can change
in the blink
of an eye...
but love,if it
is real love
will last
a life time,
and journey
with us
when in the end
we spread our wings
and fly.
10:19am June 26, 2021

The safety net,
in this world,
is not in worldly
When darkness
and doubt cloud
your mind
let your faith

For, it matters
not what's in
the world
or what lys
just beyond
the eyes-
what counts
in the end
is what we
carry inside.
10:28am June 26, 2021

Be happy being you
you are a part
of things greater
than you are...

A shiver from God's
eternal star.
10:34am June 26, 2021
-Jan Tetstone