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Title: Writing opportunity
Post by: Sirena_321 on June 01, 2021, 10:59:57 PM
Hey guys! So I don’t know if I have any anime fans in the audience, but recently, my friend told me to watch a show called Noragami. I typically have never got into anime, but I actually loved it. She has informed me that there is what’s called a reverse bang for Noragami…how it works is artists make fan art based on the show, and then writers make up fanfiction stories for the art. (The regular Big Bang every 2 yrs has ppl write and then the artists draw…this is reversed…hence the name). This is my first time doing something like this, but it seems like it will be a great way to meet new people online, and create something really cool. If you’re interested there is more information on tumblr @noragamibigbang, or comment on this post and I might be able to answer a question or 2…like i said I’m new to this whole thing completely but Ill try my best. You can preselect a partner if you have an artsy friend, or pick someone new later once registration closes. This isn’t a contest, there is no’s basically just for fun. And just putting it out there, it doesn’t even cost 5 yen!