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Title: Editing Course
Post by: pachra on March 22, 2021, 01:27:27 AM
My friend Nina who has the Autocrit Wizard site some of you might be using.  She has a new course on editing coming out soon and it looks to be a sensible price and takes 16 weeks at 20 minutes per week.  I reckon that's not much to ask really. 

Is there any chance you might like to take a look?

She is only taking 50 people on to the course.  Nina and I have been virtual friends for quite a few years now and I can honestly say she is very helpful.

Anyway go take a peek and I think I might undertake the the course, I am always willing to learn more.  Winter is coming and it will be great if I can spend some time in conjunction with the next book, editing and making the novel publisher ready for when I submit next year. 

The course is launched on Friday of this week.

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