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Title: Porch thoughts
Post by: JTetstone on November 13, 2020, 05:22:19 PM
Porch Thoughts

Music plays
Birds sing
Water so blue
Thinking of you.

God watching
My heart bare
I sit alone
In my rocking chair.

Wise is not
knowing things
Wisdom lives
in memories
Living made
and time fades.

Tears that fall
from ones eyes
Can be wiped away
Tears shed in the heart,
One's inner self
must wade through every day.

Love never fades
With the passing of time.

Love that touches hearts
Changes lives.

Love that hurts
Lingers longer.

Memories are for remembering
-When night covers
an empty house.

God gives
God takes away
All memory of blessings
With time fade.

One candle, in the dark,
can only be seen
By those its light touches.

We all are but a memory
being made- for others to
think on, long after we are gone.

Live in the moment with love and
faith lighting your way.

Nothing lasts forever
All things must pass away,else,
ones living be wasted
On tomorrows and yesterdays
And it will matter not
The faith one carries inside ones

The moment one lives in
is the beginning and ending
of everything.

Live wisely,the moment.
     -Jan Tetstone

10:11 am November 11, 2020