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Title: An American Story
Post by: Nora on September 12, 2020, 06:57:54 PM
At my poetry workshop today one of the prompts was to write in the voice of someone or something else. So I wrote in the voice of someone reconsidering their relationship with Aunt Jemima:

An American Story

Part I

Grocery shopping with mom
I always hope she gets
Those Aunt Jemima pancakes
Theyíre the best
I know that because I see her on TV
And she tells me so
She always looks so happy
Like all she ever wanted to do
Was to make pancakes for me

Part II

Well now itís a few years later
Iím a little embarrassed, a little ashamed
About how I used to harp on
Those Aunt Jemima pancakes
At some point I started to wonder
Who is she anyway?
Does she have kids of her own?
Do they like her pancakes?
Do they like to see her on TV?
Is she really someoneís aunt?
Where does she live?
What does she like to do besides making pancakes?
Does she even like making pancakes?
Does she have friends?
Are her parents proud of her?

Part III

I stopped eating those Aunt Jemima pancakes
Because they started to taste
A little like blood