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Title: From Heartsong's Diary- Warning contains the word 'Jesus'
Post by: JTetstone on April 04, 2020, 11:21:16 PM
I have never ate from a silver plate
 Cannot imagine what it would be like
 to dress in a beautiful gown and dance
 on a ballroom floor...
 But I have ate from paper plates with
 plastic forks and spoons with the best of souls
 and danced heart to heart, from time to time
 - with love's arms around me.
11:57am March 9, 2020

 Reach out to what is in the moment
 morn not for what is not there
 grasp the love that is in the moment
 for one moment can change everything
 there is but a moment between life
 and death-be thankful for each moment
 that breathes life back into you...
12:05pm March 9, 2020

 I set here in my moment
 giving thanks for all the moments
 God has helped me through.
 Knowing in my heart -without a doubt-
 Jesus is in my moments too.
12:12pm March 9, 2020