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Title: The Fallout
Post by: jadenfrancis on December 02, 2019, 06:32:15 AM
Chapter 14: The Fallout

December 2, 2019

Miracles have happened since the last chapter. I have started writing another book entitled, "This Book Is a Game". And since then, I have been liberated. I had just recently made a new friend and she thought me possibly the Messiah. Then she didn't like some true things that I said and got really upset with me. As the warm person that I am, I could care less and told her to be on her way. She then said many cruel things to me in which I will not share. Shortly after, one of my friends made a pro-vaccine post. After some arguing, it ended with him telling me this, and I quote: "Most of your ideas are deluded at best and deranged at worst". Does this sound to you like a friend's remarks? God is amazing. God finds ways of revealing people's true self. This statement was a clear indication that this individual is someone whom I should stay away from. Yet it was the end remark of a twenty year relationship. Choose your friends wisely. For they might think this under their breath. And it might take you great toils to push it from their lips. But in the end, you are better off without someone like this. He was never a resource but instead a burden. And it just took the right situation to arise to extract his secret feelings about you. People like this are your anchor: for all they can do is slow you down.

I spend my life trying to connect with and help those who are in need. I try very hard to effectively utilise the gifts that God has bestowed upon me to help those who are disadvantaged within our world. But society has always stopped me from doing this, whether they censor me or lock me up in a prison or mental institution. Every time I get close to reaching a lot of people, I am shut down by not only lay people in society but also the authorities. I have a perfect record because I have spent my entire life trying to be a good boy. But I spent my whole life being a rebellious good boy. So even though my record is spotless, it is absolutely huge. Because I fought for those who are disadvantaged in this world not only on the Internet, but also the streets. My reception is never warmly welcomed. But people don't understand that I am not writing or making videos to the general public, but instead, the few who can see through this smokescreen that I have created. My words are not at what they first appear. They are an autostereogram. Its first impression is flat but the funny thing is that NPCs can't see in 3D. However, some skilled players have the ability to look at background conditions if they stare at the words long enough.

I am going to tell you the biggest truth in the world. I promise you that what I am about to share with you is the truth. If you are to be successful in what I am presenting, you need to believe wholeheartedly that this is the truth. I have just started writing my fifth book. Its title is, "This Book is a Game". And the title accurately reflects its content and possibilities with that content. You are in a game. God has created this game. You are a player of this game. The world is designed to stop you from realising this. Only Satan's followers get a free pass to fame. You, however, have to earn it. You have to figure out how to avoid the numerous traps set before you. You need to solve the puzzles so you can get one step closer to your goal: to save the world from faulty forms of artificial intelligence. And I am telling you the truth. God deliberately created mass loads of AI to give the player a main quest line: save the world by repairing faulty AI in the world. You are an AI repairman and you have a lot of work ahead of you. But here is the thing: not every faulty circuit board can be fixed. Some have sustained too much damage. Some we will need to dispose of if we are unable to create a fix.

People who are just handed fame never know how to most effectively utilise that fame. I don't really want to be famous. However and unfortunately, the mission that God has given me requires me to get noticed in order to pass on the invaluable information in which I have to share.

To end this chapter I will refer back to the beginning. Because these were individuals who were ready to cash in on a new game idea of mine yet were not prepared to run the miles in order to get said game off of the ground. There will be many who wish to ride on your back. Who is worthy? Who is worthy of receiving fame and honour from your toils? Who should you involve within your life? Who should you make friends with? Who are your enemies and how can you identify them? What trials and tribulations shall you craft in order to streamline the most valuable players into play? If someone is capable of saying something then you should setup the required circumstances in which they could say that thing. If they do not say that thing then it could be possible that you have found yourself a true allie. However, I warn you, they always say the evil thing. There has been no situation in which I have setup to allow the person to say the thing in which they have not said the thing. However, I still go through this process to give the person a chance to say a different thing. My heart yearns for them to say a different thing. A thing of compassion and love. That thing that exists somewhere in your heart. I am trying my best to pull it out of you.
Title: Re: The Fallout
Post by: JameelaM on December 03, 2019, 02:46:49 PM
Hi Jaden!

Welcome to MWC and thank you for sharing a piece of your work out of the gate, as you might have noticed we moved the post from the Welcome Board to the Review My Work thread as it's more suited here for review.

If you could post again on the welcome board sharing a bit about yourself, how you found MWC and what you're expectations are from the community that would be awesome!

Looking forward to seeing your contributions and let us know what we can do to help.