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Title: Terri or Terry Schiavo-my writing project
Post by: nosuchmember on July 07, 2019, 02:30:23 PM
This is one subject that is very close to my heart. I am presently working on a book proposal .

Since George Greer recently had his side of the Schiavo story published- I'm ready to write Terri the REAL Truth
Promise Kept.    Jan Tetstone

July 4, 2019

Mr. Storm,

I hope this answers your questions.

Jan Tetstone

What do you want from your writing?

I want the facts in the Schiavo case to reach the public eye.

•What do you think is holding you back in terms of your craft? What do you need to master?

I don't know how to begin writing a non-fiction book on a case that begin on February 25, 1990 [with Terry's collapse] and ended March 31, 2005 [with her death by starvation/dehydration].

•What do you think is holding you back in terms of your process, your approach to writing?

Though I have the facts in the Schiavo case documented. I was part of the grassroots effort trying to save the disabled woman's life. I headed a group called 'Terri's Fighters'....I, along with other members, attended court hearings on the Schiavo case... [which is documented with the pictures we took with Terry's parents, Robert 'Bob' and Mary Schindler.] We held rallies, as part of our effort to educate the public[in Florida, Georgia, and I and two other member were part of a rally in Minnesota]

If there is such a thing as having to much knowledge on a subject- I truly am being hindered by it. Over the years, I have compiled more than one book on the case, in timeline fashion. But, always felt something was missing.

There's no doubt in my mind that 'Terri The REAL Truth' [Promise Kept] would serve to educate its readers, on the facts in the case.

My name was Janice Sanford, at the time.

This is a case that people will never agree on. It is
not a case that has a "gray" area - it's either black
or white. We could keep this thread going for years
and still have the same feelings. No one can type
anything on this thread that will make me change my
mind on how I view this case. I'm sure others feel
exactly the same way.

 For Terri's sake, I think it'd be nice to turn the
attention to her and let her rest in peace. There is
nothing either side can write in a book that will
change the facts of what happened to her.

The 'facts' ,to date, aren't in any book written about the Terry Schiavo case.

Note: The spelling of Terry was changed to Terri to give it a move feminine look, by the Schindler's attorneys.

Terry Schiavo
In February 1990, 26-year-old Terry Schiavo collapsed [cause unknown,to this day] while alone
at home with her husband, Michael Schiavo. She was transported by rescue to Humana Hospital-Northside.
She was released,on May 9, 1990. Her release papers state:

Dr. Barras from Bayfront Rehab Center was consulted and after his evaluation he recommended intensive rehabilitation and to put the patient in a long-term rehab center such as Mediplex or Hardy Memorial, which I [Dr. Samir Shah] and Dr. DeSousa agreed with. We felt that as the patient had shown some improvement during her hospitalization, though she was not following commands, in her physical and mental status some improvement was noted....

The patient stayed in the hospital for a very long period of time with several complications, but she improved slowly and gradually and was in stable condition at the time of transfer to the nursing home.[copy of Discharge]

Her story reached the front of the St. Petersburg Times’ city section on Nov. 8, 1990, under the headline “Beach party to aid comatose woman.” Months later, the city passed a resolution declaring Feb. 17, 1991, “Terri Schiavo Day” to raise money for an experimental operation.

Schiavo Implant Potentially Dangerous
By Janice Sanford

 When a reporter did an article in the St. Petersburg Times, Feb 17,1991. pg.3, about Terri's surgery in which Yoshio Hosobuchi of the University of California at San Francisco in December(1990) implanted a neurological thalamic stimulator in her brain, they reported: 

 "The brain stimulator implant was a success, said her husband, Mike. Mrs. Schiavo is slowly emerging from the coma at the Mediplex Medical Center, a neurological care center in Bradenton, he said. She will undergo at least a year of speech, occupational and physical therapy." 

 (EDITOR'S NOTE: Terri Schiavo sustained serious brain damage in inexplicable circumstances at her home on Feb. 25, 1990, at age 26. Later in 1990, her husband, Michael Schiavo, took her to California for experimental surgery when electrodes were implanted in her brain. The disabled woman died on March 31, 2005 after a court order was executed which removed her nutrition and hydration) 

 Schiavo: She spent three months there. Then, while she was there, we heard of this doctor in California here that was doing experimental surgery, implanting stimulators in people's brains in hopes to stimulate any activity. 

 Now, we were told with this, too (Ph) when this doctor looked at the CAT scans, that it was probably not going to work Because there's just no brain left. But I did it anyway, because I loved Terri. And I wanted to bring my wife back. I wanted to have my wife back in me. 

 So I flew her out to California by myself, with a nurse. And I spent a month there. They inserted the stimulator. 

 KING: Didn't work? 

SCHIAVO: No, it eventually didn't work, no. The protocol for the stimulator was three months. I kept it on her for a year.   

 From Medical Examiner Jon R. Thogmartin autopsy report on Theresa Schiavo: 

 ...In the left chest wall is an implanted medical device with a wire extending through subcutaneous tissues of the left neck and into the left scalp. A flat, four-prong electrical device is in the subgaleal area of the left scalp. A wire then further extends into the cranial cavity... 

 Note: subgaleal area, is the area above the skull or within the scalp layer of the head; ... 

Stephen J. Nelson,M.D. (Page 1, last paragraph) Neuropathology Gross Description: 

...A 9 centimeter long implanted neurological thalamic stimulator wire extended outward from the right parietal bone and it was surrounded by a 1 centimeter bony nodule on the inner table. This wire was traced and its tip terminated in the right thalamus... 

 9 centimeters = 3.54 inches
 9 centimeters = the length of the (above) line 


 Forget about comparing brains for a minute. Where's all the wire and stuff that Dr. Nelson and Medical Examiner Jon R. Thogmartin are describing in their report? ) Chronic deep brain stimulation in its present US FDA - approved manifestation is a patient - controlled treatment for tremor that consists of a multi-electrode lead implanted into the ventrointermediate nucleus of the thalamus. 

 The lead is connected to a pulse generator that is surgically implanted under the skin in the upper chest. 

And an extension wire from the electrode lead is threaded from the scalp area under the skin to the chest where it is connected to the pulse generator. Most users turn the unit off at night. The stimulus parameters can be adjusted to provide the best response and minimize adverse reactions. 

 The pulse generator must be replaced to change batteries, which should last five years. 

 Risks of DBS ( Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery are intracranial bleeding, infection, and loss of function. http://www/ 

 Dr. Nelson seemed to think it was necessary to put in Terri's autopsy report a reason why she "had not undergone an MRI scan of her brain, rather than only a brain scan while alive": 

 "The FDA has received several reports of serious injury, including coma and permanent neurological impairment, in patients with implanted neurological stimulators who underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures. The mechanism for these adverse events is likely to involve heating of the electrodes at the end of the leadwires, resulting in injury to the surrounding tissue. Although these reports involved deep brain stimulators and vagus nerve stimulators, similar injuries could be caused by any type of implanted neurological stimulator, such as spinal cord stimulators, peripheral nerve stimulators, and neuromuscular stimulators".   

 One would assume from the autopsy, that an MRI is never done on a patient with an implanted neurological stimulator. 

 The following is taking from the same report Dr. Nelson quoted from: If an MRI procedure is to be performed on a patient with an implanted neurological stimulator, be sure to review the labeling for the specific model that is implanted in the patient, with particular attention to warnings and precautions. The radiologist may need to consult with the implanting or monitoring physician for this information. Also note and follow any instructions exactly for MRI imaging that may be in the labeling for the implant, including information on types and/or strengths of MRI equipment that may have been tested for interaction with the particular implanted device. The radiologist may need to consult with the device implant manufacturer for this information.   

According to Michael Schiavo's November 19, 1993 deposition, case No. 90-2908-GD, page 24: 

 Q And what was the purpose of taking her to California?
 A There was some experimental surgery that I heard about.
 Q Do you remember the doctor you went to see out there?
 A Doctor Yoshio Hosobuchi. 

Page 25: 

 Q Okay. Tell me about Doctor Hosobuchi and his treatment of Terry?
 A Well, the basic thing was we took her to California. He had some experimental stimulators that- he was placing in peoples' heads. There were some people that woke up. It's a whole protocol on it. I don't have it with me. But it would be very experimental. He put it in. He did some testing. There was no evidence of it working with Terry. The only thing it would do, when he turned it up passed a certain point Terry would just sit up, which was just motor response. She would just get real bright eyed because things were being stimulated. He wasn't thrilled about it because he didn't see any positive signs.
 Q Was -- did he implant anything into her? Did he put anything in her head that remained?
 A Yes.
 Q Are they still?
 A Yes.
 Q What are they? 

Page 26: 

 A Electrodes. They're platinum electrodes.
 Q Did he suggest any future treatment that was experimental --
 A Treatment for what?
 Q -- in California. Diagnostic testing, anything of that nature?
 A No. When Doctor Yingling was here, he came out and, basically, if it didn't work within -- 

Page 27: 

 Q My question was: Was there a suggestion of further diagnostic testing or procedures after the treatment by Doctor Hosobuchi in California?
 A As far as I can remember - 

 Page 28: 

 Q Did Doctor Hosobuchi, after he saw Terry, recommend any further diagnostic procedures?
 A He recommended that Doctor Yingling would be doing it.
 Q So did she see Doctor Yingling?
 A She -- Doctor Yingling came out here, I believe, a year later.
 Q And that was at the suggestion of Doctor Hosobuchi?
 A That, I have no idea.
 Q Okay. What did Doctor Yingling say or do, to your knowledge?
 A He came out -- Terry was at Mediplex -- he came out and did some testing, and he needed a CP-900 machine or something from Shands, and it wasn't available, and he said it wasn't no big deal. He told me he had -- he didn't see any evident sign that the stimulator was working, did some tests with Terry(i). Nothing was new with her from the time he had last

 Page 29: 

seen her. And that was basically it. We took him out to dinner and he had loads of wine and that was it. He spilled it all over our couch.
 Q Other than the Doctor Hosobuchi and Doctor Yingling -- was Doctor Yingling also from California?
 A Yes.
 Q And he was somebody that Doctor Hosobuchi suggested see Terry?
 A He was Hosobuchi's assistant.
 Q Has she seen any other experts since that time?
 A What type of experts?
 Q Since Doctor Yingling saw her, what physicians have seen her? 

 Page 30: 

Q Okay. When was the last time Terry had seen a neurologist? 

 Page 31: 

A I'd have to look up some records. I don't remember.
 Q. Has it been years?
 A No, I don't think it's been years.
 Q Has a neurologist seen her since Doctor Yingling saw her?
 A I don't recall.
 Q Have any diagnostic tests been performed since Doctor Yingling saw Terry?
 Q Okay. of the neurology strain.
 A I don't recall. There could have been. I don't recall. 

 According to Schiavo, "The protocol for the stimulator was three months" but he kept it on her for a year" even though he knew that leaving the stimulator on longer than three months could harm or even kill Terri. 

Michael Schiavo should still be made to answer for abusing his wife after her brain injury. 

 Whether or not the implanted neurological stimulator worked, Michael Schiavo should have made sure that Terri had a neurologist following her case. 

The implant had the potential to cause intracranial bleeding, infection, and loss of function.

 To my knowledge the brain implant was not mentioned during any of the suits.

 Her husband sued two doctors and he and his attorneys collected over $2,250,000. That's right! Over $2 million in January 1993. The sad thing is, it was in July 1993 that Michael Schiavo claims in his book that he met Jodi Centonze. The woman he lived with for over twelve yrs, had a family with, and married January 21, 2006. Less than a year after Terri Schiavo died after she was forced to go without food and water for thirteen (13) days.

I am devoted to getting the real facts in the case out into the public eye. I believe that if the media had done their job in reporting the facts in the case that Terri Schiavo's blood wouldn't be a stain on American history today.

I don't ask you to believe me , the facts in the case speak for themselves.

Another famous Michael Schiavo Laps of Memory?

by Janice Sanford

Michael Schiavo and Jodi Centonze

NOTE: According to Michael's deposition, from around June 1992 to November 19, 1993, he lived with his parents, Bill and Clara Schiavo at both, one Boca Ciega Point Blvd, Seminole, Florida, and at 12190 66th Ave North, Seminole, Florida.......(1 yr, 5 months)

NOTE: In his November 19,1993 deposition Michael states that he stayed at 'her place' 'spends the night there' "Twice a week maybe." ("Her" meaning Jodi Centonze.)

Right here Michael Schiavo starts a chain of lies about his place of residence at that time.

Q What is her name?
A Jody.
Q Last name? A C-E-N-T-O-N-Z-E. ...
Q Did you reside at the 2027 Warwick Drive address also with Jody Centonze?
A Yes.
Q How long did you live at the Oldsmar address?
A Three years.
Q Where did you reside prior to that?
A I lived at her house.
Q Jody Centonze's?
A Yes.
Q And from when was that?
A Just to clear something up, I am not good with dates and times. It was prior to the Warwick Drive one.

December 14, 1993- Jodi Centonze signs agreement for house at 2027 Warwick Dr. Oldsmar, Florida 34677 [click on article title ]

July 28, 1995- Jodi A. Centonze received a Warranty deed for the property at 2027 Warwick Drive Oldsmar, Florida 34677[lot 31 Warwick Hills] . The deed was filed on August 7, 1995.( Book 9070, Page 883,Pinella County Courthouse)

2027 Warwick Drive, Oldsmar, Florida (Michael Schiavo and Jodi Centonze lived together at this address for three (3) years)
Now. What was it Michael Schiavo said under oath :
Q How long did you live at the Oldsmar address?
A Three years.
Q Where did you reside prior to that?
A I lived at her house.
Q Jody Centonze's?
A Yes.
Q And from when was that? A Just to clear something up, I am not good with dates and times. It was prior to the Warwick Drive one.

Least you forget:

"prior" to that he lived with Jodi Centonze "at her house" At 2114 Poinciana Dr, Clearwater FL 33760-1917, in the High Point Subdivision. (Jodi Centonze's mother, Eleanor I. Centonze, lived in the same subdivision at 2163 Poinciana Dr. Clearwater Fl 33760-1918)

Jodi Ann Centonze signs the property at 2114 Poinciana Dr, Clearwater FL 33760-1917, that she got 1n 1989 from her ex-husband Scott W. Blough over to Kristl Lee Watson. The deed is filed August 14, 1995. (Book 9076, Page 2250)

According to Jodi 's brother:
"Neither one of them was looking to meet anyone," John Centonze said. "And it wasn't something they just did. They weren't really together for a couple of years after they met."

According to Michael Schiavo:
In 1995, Jodi and I built a house in Oldsmar. I had money from the malpractice award, and Jodi sold her house and the rental properties she owned. We put the house in her name.... [Michael Schiavo, Terri: the Truth, page112.]

Stay tuned for the rest of the story...............

Interesting, to say the least.

Note: Jodi Centonze's mother was working for  the Pinellas COUNTY Sheriff's office at the time of Terry's collapse.....Michael Schiavo never used his medical knowledge to help his wife, but used it to help his girlfriend's mother,who was living with her daughter and future son-in-law, at the time of her death.
Title: Re: Terri or Terry Schiavo-my writing project
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Jan Tetstone won't be writing a  book. She doesn't have the heart to make money from such a tragedy .
Title: Re: Terri or Terry Schiavo-my writing project
Post by: JTetstone on March 28, 2020, 08:36:25 PM
For writers looking for court documents, and information about the Terry Schiavo Case:   

Truth always catches up with the liar.   

The site no longer is on the Internet.   If you  need an answer to a question about the Schiavo case. I will be happy to answer. Any info I share, is documented.   jt
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I read Michael Schiavo's book. The behavior of Terri's parents, Governor Jeb Bush, and all the other Buttinskis was reprehensible. MYOB please.
Title: Re: Terri or Terry Schiavo-my writing project
Post by: JTetstone on May 24, 2020, 11:53:19 AM
I read Michael Schiavo's book. The behavior of Terri's parents, Governor Jeb Bush, and all the other Buttinskis was reprehensible. MYOB please.

I don't rely on books. My opinion is based on court documents-beginning in 1990;when the Theresa Schiavo case was first opened in Pinellas County, Florida.By the way: I have every court document on the case. Thank you for expressing your opinion.
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For those searching for more information about the Terry Schiavo case.  jt