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Title: Publishing poetry?
Post by: poet-e on May 15, 2019, 09:00:22 PM
Any advice on Publishing poetry?

Seems hard sending a few at a time and waiting months and months.  But I know this is the 1st step to Publishing a book of poems.
Title: Re: Publishing poetry?
Post by: nosuchmember on May 15, 2019, 09:14:04 PM
A lot of writers self publish.
You might want to check Lulu out.
I'll do some research to see if I can find more information, for you.

30 Poetry Book Publishers Who Want Your Book

This is an old site but has a lot of good information:
How To Find Literary Journals To Publish Your Short Stories, Poems, And Essays
Title: Re: Publishing poetry?
Post by: poet-e on May 15, 2019, 10:51:57 PM
Many thanks!
Title: Re: Publishing poetry?
Post by: nosuchmember on May 16, 2019, 12:51:50 PM
You Welcome.
Title: Re: Publishing poetry?
Post by: HPvD on June 30, 2019, 06:07:33 AM
Although I haven't ever published any poetry myself, I did sell a few nonfiction e-reports on Lulu, and also not so long ago published a new nonfiction e-report about Digital Photography on Lulu.

Since the e-reports don't have that much pages I only offer them only as e-Reports you can buy as downloads.

I do think that when you want to publish poetry, it will be important that people get to know your work, so a possible approach in how you could do this, is by offering little samples of your work on a blog, and blogging about your work, work you like, related topics etc.

(On my own (digital camera-ideas) blog I currenly offer 3 samples
from my own e-report about Digital Photography, and you can also see
some of our photography on it, and also on Pinterest, Twitter etc. etc.)

So that readers can get an idea about the type of work you have, and you can also have people to Interact, to write comments & replies about it etc. etc. that way working on building an audience for your work.

While I did actually sell, a few low priced e-reports online, there also are a lot of very low priced and even free e-reports and even big e-books with many pages for free online. In other words a lot of competition, not making it easy to get people to buy a digital version of your work. 

Because of that you might consider to offer some of your work (together with the samples on your blog) bundled in a free or low-priced e-report/e-book, and also offer (a) properly priced printed version(s) of it as well, (and possibly even an audio version?)

Chances are that when people really like your work, when they already read your blog posts and samples, and/or your low-priced or free e-book, they will also be willing to possibly buy your properly priced print version. (or will get the word out for you about you having a blog with your work, re-tweeting your tweets etc. etc.)