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Title: Heart Scammers -poem
Post by: nosuchmember on February 07, 2019, 07:44:05 PM
Heart Scammers

When wickedness gets its arms
Around an innocent heart
Wickedness releases not its hold
Until its drained the heart it stole.

"My love, I love you so...
Here's my money and my gold.
My heart is yours always.
I cannot live without hearing your voice

I long so to feel your touch on my skin.
To feel loved,needed, and like a woman

The wicked thrive on the money, partying
Day and night, on the stolen gold.

"I love you my dear...can you help me out
I need money- will you send some cash to me?

I can get things in my life back to normal,
You see, if you help me,  I will
Come to you and never let you go."

Time passes,bank account and heart get drained
No more calls, and...O the tears that fall
For something gone that never was.

Surely, Hell shall engulf the heart scammers
Who for riches and gold
Spin webs of lies and deceit
       -To break the hearts of unsuspecting souls.
                         -Jan Tetstone

7:03pm February 7, 2019