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Title: Do you write every single day?
Post by: Lucian Hodoboc on January 07, 2019, 07:57:19 AM
One of the pieces of advice I see thrown around often is to write every single day. No matter how busy your schedule is, aspiring writers should take some time every day to sit and write at least a few sentences. Do you think this is achievable for everyone? Do you write everyday and, if so, how much? ???
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: JameelaM on January 08, 2019, 09:36:00 PM
Hey Lucian,

Great question and an excellent topic to bring up. I myself write everyday though most of my writing is for to do lists and random ideas that pop into my head as I go thru my days :)

The concept behind writing every day has to do with training your brain and creating consistency so that you form a new habit of writing every day...however it is a bit of a flawed system and we have to take into consideration how our brains actually work, which in most cases is geared towards failure or to prove our beliefs that we CAN'T write every day are true.

This article explains it far better than I can in this moment (

The short of it is that if you're not a professional writer, as in someone is paying you to write and you have deadlines lingering etc, then it's better to write during the times you can or are able to, when that is would be dependent on your schedule and time availability.

I think a better question to ask yourself is what are you trying to accomplish, are you writing a novel and want to complete it this year? If so how many chapters would you need to write each day or week to achieve that goal, then use that to determine the amount of time and how much writing you need to do each day.

Hopefully the information helps!
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: landmersm on January 09, 2019, 10:17:49 AM
No. Attempting to do it every day while working 50+ hours a week - not to mention kids!!!! - is a bit much.

I try to do at least 5 days a week, and I try to do something. Anything. Write. Edit. Read. Re-read. As long as it's related to my own work, I figure I'm doing something productive.

Now, if any of you want to pay me to write, I'll happily do it full time!
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: DGSquared on January 09, 2019, 10:27:58 PM
Try for 250 words a day. It will go quickly.

You're not a writer if you don't write.

If you get out of practice, you'll notice the difference in your writing. The more you write, more your writing will improve, just like anything else.

All the best.

Have a bountiful day.
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: HPvD on January 13, 2019, 05:26:06 AM
I usually have a lot of daily writing,

Not that I am constantly writing on big novels or feature articles or aiming for specific word counts or something like that, it's more like writing notes, ideas concepts, writing emails, tweets, blog posts etc.

The great thing with the - Blog post - in particular is that you can also see the amount of views,
to get an idea about what blog posts you like. Especially when you also
write your comments & replies it makes me feel a little more confident
that I might actually have some blog posts that provide you with
some sort of value.

Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: trainer on January 24, 2019, 03:06:04 AM
I try to write as much as possible, but not everyday. I do, however, read everyday, which I find terribly rewarding.

I also think there isn't a one-answer-fits-all option here. For some, writing everyday is essential; for others it's excruciating, yet necessary; for yet others it's both enjoyable and necessary. For some, there is just no need to write everyday, as long as what one writes rings true.
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: EliTaffJr on February 03, 2019, 07:36:18 PM
I try to write every day, and some days I can blast out a couple hundred words in a few free hours, and other days my full-time job and my full-time marriage cuts my writing time down to lunch breaks and ten minutes before bed when Iím too tired to write anything coherent, anyway.

How Iíve dealt with it is this: ANY Akins of writing that I do is better than no writing st all. If Iím not able to work on my manuscript, Iíll log into Twitter and see what writing prompt threads are posting (I really like #vss365, they are a terrific community of supportive writers). Just having a word prompt with no other expectation allows me to mentally cleanse my palette and write something, even if itís rubbish.

The important thing is that it engages my brain and keeps me working (my fingers are typing, my brain is formulating a combination of words in a specific order, etc.? So e en if Iím not writing something for my current project, I can at least engage that creative part of my brain that makes me a writer.

Itís like reviving your engine. You donít expect to get anywhere, but itís always useful to fire up the motor and practice going through the motions. Once, I had no phone and a ten minute break with nothing to do. I took out a pen and a napkin and started brainstorming names for my next heroes and villains.

As long as you keep writing, everything you do will help get you to the finish line.
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: HPvD on March 01, 2019, 05:31:07 AM
As I wrote in a previous reply some of
my daily writing is about note taking.

For what Journal writing and note taking is concerned, I have several Special Design
notebooks for different types of notes. I even created graphic designs
for special types of notebooks myself.

Food & Recipe notebooks with on it different types of food for culinary notes, I have a Funny Talking Parrot notebook that you could use for writing speeches, I also made several Travel Notebooks with on it several countries and travel destinations, and one with a photo of a little table near a beach with a fresh drink and sunglasses on the table, that has a real vacation feel to it.

For Music related notes one with a cartoon figure behind a drumset, and cartoon-style lettering saying: 'I Love Music', For Writing related notes also one with the text 'I Am Inspired' on it with a cartoon style Lightbulb on it.

I also frequently write messages on one of our own self designed Post- and Greeting- Cards, for things like Birth Days, and other Occasions, as a Real Card
with a stamp on it, or send as an E-Card. 

Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: HPvD on March 03, 2019, 05:29:16 AM


I also frequently write messages on one of our own self designed Post- and Greeting- Cards, for things like Birth Days, and other Occasions, as a Real Card
with a stamp on it, or send as an E-Card.

As I wrote about in a previous reply, I usually do write every single day.

I also have Nature Inspired Twitter-Serials, with Nature Photography that
requires writing little explaining texts, and several other
types of writing that I wrote about in previous replies.

While things like short Birthday Card Messages, and short
Twitter texts usually isn't large volume writing, everything
combined does frequently train my 'Writing Muscles'

Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: JannickStAlice on March 04, 2019, 08:45:35 AM
You'll spend more time editing than writing anyway. So, I would personally say no.

What I think is more important is capturing ideas while you have them. If you're paying attention, they can hit you whenever. Keep a phone or notebook + pen near you as much as possible.

Sort through, find the ones most useful to you, and jot them down. Write these ideas in full when you are in a good mental space to write them. Otherwise, you'll strain and exhaust these ideas. You want to do them justice.

When you're done with that, you'll have the real fun of reading through them and editing them over and over again.
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: chidiwhite on March 05, 2019, 08:47:27 AM
Of cos I have found this idea very useful and a perfect way to train oneself as a writer
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: AndrewSchulz on March 07, 2019, 05:28:59 PM
I would say both yes and no. It depends on whether or not Iím in the writing phase. Right now, Iím in the self-promotion phase and had been editing for 3 months before that. (Although, I think editing should count as writing.)

I say yes because, when Iím in a writing phase, I do write every day. Mine is a non-traditional story in that Iím writing and releasing the novel in a serialized format. (I release a 700-900 bite-sized read every M-F.) Because of that, when Iím in the writing phase, yes, I write a 700-900 word chapter every Mon-Fri and spend Sat and Sun doing editing them.

Iím blessed right now to have plenty of free time though. Even with that, in can be difficult some days to get the full 700-900 words complete and I only get out maybe 300-400. Other days, when itís flowing well, I may do two chapters at once.

Many people donít have the freedom to write every day so I wouldnít beat yourself up over not being able to do so. I know that some writers find it helpful though, even if all they write for the day is a haiku.

Happy Writing!
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: An Albatross Man on April 17, 2019, 09:09:05 PM
I don't write every day--but I do EDIT every day. That is to say, I pick something specific scene or chapter in one of my five unpublished manuscripts, I read it over, and I spend at least a few minutes trying to make it better.  If I'm feeling particularly tired or demoralized, I choose a part that I think is very good and doesn't need much work--and I enjoy it for entertainment value while scrutinizing the text for stupid typos or punctuation faux-pas.

Straight up writing new material is a bigger deal, which I need more time and head-space than is always available to me with a busy job, work-related travel, a family, and an addiction to old cars. I plan those active writing periods like everything else in my life, set aside the time and resources and commit.  Doing the daily maintenance of re-writing though ensures that when I set down to start on a clean-sheet, my head is in the game right from the start. 

That's just me though.

The Albatross Man
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: Stayce on April 18, 2019, 08:25:52 PM
I think it depends on what you mean by Ďwritingí. As many people here have already said, that if you have a lot of other life commitments (kids, family, full time job etc) actually sitting down to create something entirely fresh can be a challenge to do every day. I really struggle with this as I find I need to be in a very clear headspace and have a long stretch of available time to be able to push ahead with my projects.

Like others have said, I find revisiting, editing and polishing previous material is a better way to spend my time if I only have a little time to devote to my writing each day. My prose has a tendency to run on, so going back and taking a hatchet to it is always a worthwhile endeavor as far as Iím concerned.

I also find the old chestnut of getting some physical exercise to be a useful tool in shaping the times I actually do get to sit down and really work on something. I have too young daughters, so the only time to get a bit of exercise in that doesnít involve chasing them around the local parks is to go for late walks. These have become my brainstorming times. I tend to develop character dialogue and map out scenes in my head so that I have a plan for when I actually get to put pen to paper. This is a god send for me as I find starting from complete scratch with only a vague idea of what I want to do exceedingly difficult.
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: mcc1789 on April 26, 2019, 10:07:25 PM
I have tried to do this while working on a book. At first it was a page per day, then five. It's difficult to keep up, as you'd probably except. For some time I managed though. I got this advice as well, from Lawrence Watt-Evans, a writer whose books I've enjoyed. He didn't specify length though, but to impose a quota of words to write each day. Of course, what I said above only applies to my fiction writing. On various forums and so on I do write every day (briefly in comparison with fiction). I think for me when I'm writing a book this is likely the best way to go. That may not be the case for everyone however. Five pages a day can also be difficult-we don't all have the same amount of free time, after all. With me that mainly was to finish a book in under a year, which I'm glad worked.
Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: HPvD on April 30, 2019, 03:52:05 PM
Besides of the daily writing I did mention in previous replies,
with things like writing emails, writing in a Journal, -
in notebooks (with self designed graphical designs),
writing blog posts, twitter tweets etc. etc.

I also frequently write you my Readers Feedback,

For example frequently write you things like - this reply - in a Forum,
or to thank you when you Liked or Re-tweeted a TWEET
on our Twitter page, and to write you Comments & Replies when
you give me your Readers Feedback to my blog posts.

Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: HPvD on May 07, 2019, 03:06:59 AM
As I wrote about in previous replies,

I usually have a lot of daily writing,
like emails, blog posts, tweets etc. etc.....,

Also things like writing short messages for
Greeting Cards for family & friends,

For what writing things like for example short Birthday Card Messages
is concerned, Since we have a Graphic Design Studio and frequently
like to show our new (Card) Designs to family & friends, and 'to get
them out there', and in an effort to get Feedback on them,

I accompany such Greeting Card writing with some of our self-designed
Post- or Greeting Card Designs, The great thing is that from our webstore,
besides buying real cards and sending them over the 'Snail mail', I can also
offer the service of sending them through the Internet as E-Cards.

Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: MikeAnderson on May 08, 2019, 02:24:33 PM
I don't, and it's the same reason I don't work out, or browse "dem Internets" every single day; too much constant strain and repetition will do more damage than good. Plus, one has to clean the mental filter every once in awhile.

I've seen this happen with writers too often; once it starts becoming an obligation, a compulsory task, all the magic and joy from the craft gets bled out, and it starts becoming a chore. Writing can't be work; work is a task that is mandatory. Writing is an author voluntarily exposing a piece of themselves for posterity. Their shout to the world "hey, I've got something say." But, when one makes it a point to try to say something constantly, even when they have nothing to contribute that particular time, it becomes empty. It's like printing too much money, or excessively producing any other good and service; it just devalues the quality of the product.

Some of the best ideas I get for material is during periods when I don'ttouch a pen or a keyboard. I clear my head, absorb the world around me instead of trying to create one.

Go to the park. Catch a flick. Play with my baby nephew. Decompress once in a while. Mini vacations from nouns, verbs, and my delusions that my writs serve as something more than an excuse to avoid mowing the yard.

Then, of course, there's this crap normal people have called "a real life!" "Working." "Buying groceries" "Medical insurance." "I have to take my kid to the hospital because he accidentally drank anti-freeze, thinking it was Lemon Lime Kool-Aid."

I still make that mistake, even though by now I should have it embedded into my brain Prestone tastes NOTHING remotely like lemon lime! :P

Point is, it's not a good idea to write too much. Practice does make perfect, but too much practice makes a burn out. 5 days a week is my cap. Once you find yourself hitting a wall, take a break.  It's okay to step away from the Word program, and clean the mental and spiritual filter out. A break from writing is permitted.

Now editing, on the other hand, you never can get away from that kid eating sewer clown.

The struggle to prevent too many semicolons and run-on paragraphs will be your burden until you die. Get used to it, soldier! ;)   

Title: Re: Do you write every single day?
Post by: HPvD on May 18, 2019, 05:59:22 PM
Besides the several types of writing I did mention in previous replies,

Like writing all kinds of special notes, ideas concepts, writing emails, tweets (for Twitter-serials), writing blog posts, readers feedback, writing comments & replies on blog posts, or threats & replies in Forums, (like the one you are reading right now!)

and - among other things - writing things like short messages for our own Specially Designed Post - & Greeting Cards for family & friends, on 'Real Cards' or sending them as E-Cards, also doing Journaling in self-designed notebooks.

This Journaling also occasionally provides me with themes for writing Song Lyrics, some of the (sub)-topics that I write about on my Music Blog.