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Title: Other Peoples' Thoughts
Post by: heartsongjt on December 04, 2018, 10:14:20 AM
Other Peoples' Thoughts

I didn't finish high school
does that make me a fool?
I didn't go to a college or a
Does that make me
not as smart as you?

I went through the school
of life----
Where proper learning
had no place
and neither did its rules.

I never thought book learning
was the key to a good life-
God, loving, being loved, caring
about others-that was/is
the only kind of education
a poor man needs.

How else would, the few who gobbled
up book learning, get by, without
someone they think lesser there, to
fill their every need?

It's okay to write and read, but
filling my head, and my heart with
other peoples' beliefs- is not for me.

                         -Jan Tetstone

10:00am December 4, 2018