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Title: Peace and Love -poem
Post by: nosuchmember on November 10, 2018, 09:12:56 PM
Peace and Love

 Peace comes to those with a loving heart
 who wait on tomorrow and hastens not
 the things beyond their control... 
That lurk in the shadows ,of what is nothing
 more than a thought, in the here and
 now of things one cannot know.

Peace rests in the things in the moment
 With those persons and things our eyes
 Can rest upon in this day.

Love is its own perfections.... when love
 fills ones heart and life with peace ...

What more does one's heart need.

One cannot know love without knowing
 the great joy of sharing love
 with that special someone that fills
 their every day life with love and peace.

When the day is darkest, and  the night
 is a welcoming sight....... remember,
 the one laying next to you.
 Who's loving arms waits to draw you
 nearer to their heart.....

[The one you gave your heart to]

For love does not bend with time.

Draw near in old age the one laying
 next to you-who your heart chose
 to love in your youth.

May your memories not be tarnished
 by time- and your heart not be broken
 by the passing years.

Peace is in knowing your true love
 has always loved you and been there
 to hold you, and wipe away your bitter

There are many degrees of love as
 your youth can testify........
 But the only love that lasts forever
 is the love that's with you when you die.

                                  -Jan Tetstone

2:30pm Sept 25, 2016