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Title: Real Estate (DRAFT)
Post by: JKK on May 17, 2018, 08:09:18 PM
I stand in place,
but my insides are shaking.
In a cul de sac of souls
will you choose me?

Cool air weaves between the rafters.
A sigh.
I welcome you, a mat
with the word printed clearly
but you hesitate.
I stand in place.

To touch I am cold, icy fingers
outstretched but inside
I am warm.
A hungry flame dances
within the hearth.
Reach too far and youíll be

From the gutter a sapling sprouts,
budding into a familiar ache
snatched away once before
by my own hand.
Now a garden grows,
nourish it or let it fade.

I stand in place.
You grip the doorknob,
donít let go.
I hold my breath.
It turns
and I pull you in.