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Title: "Life's a funny old thing, Son." A Dad story.
Post by: Gyppo on August 16, 2017, 11:55:46 PM
A memory from the very early 60s.


"Life's a funny old thing, Son."

Dad never spent long in the past,
he had a philosophy of the now,
living the moment.
It served him well.
But sometimes he'd slip away
into the warrior's reverie.

Briefly lost in another time and place,
reliving a distant time.

"You alright, Dad?"
He knelt by his motorbike,
paused in mid repair,
spanner in hand,
eyes turned inward.

A shake of the head,
light returning to his eyes.
"Yes.  Just thinking...
If it wasn't for some bloody A-rab
with a damned great log
you wouldn't even be here."

"How's that, Dad?"

"I went to rescue another Matelot,
outside a bar in Port Said.
He was getting the thin end of a fight
with a bunch of A-rabs.
Several of us joined in.
The last thing I saw
was a sea of striped robes
running at us,
and a bloody great log,
coming straight at my head.

"I came around in hospital
at a shore base,
and my ship had sailed.

"The man who took my place died
when a tin-fish came calling,
straight through the stoke-hold."

He shook himself,
like a dog shaking off river water
after a swim.
Came back to the present.
The shutters were down again.

He wiped his oily fingers on a rag
then tousled my curly little head.

"Life's a funny old thing, Son."

Title: Re: "Life's a funny old thing, Son." A Dad story.
Post by: Artemis Quark on August 17, 2017, 08:59:55 PM
Memories. Some good, some not. Well composed, Gyppo. Thanks for posting.