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Title: Looking for Correction Writers for the script of my gag cartoon!
Post by: relachi on February 14, 2017, 06:16:04 PM
English is not my main language so Iím having difficulties with grammar and expressing myself.
The cartoon is a superman parody, i will be animating it myself here you can see the animation test (ignore the voice)
You can also help with giving me more ideas. It has alot of dry humor including lots of poop jokes probably. i already have a rough draft for the script.

This project has to offer:
- contribution and having fun with a great little collaboration project with various different people (animators, voice actors, backgroundartists, musician, writers, character designers,Ö)
- if more than one person apply we can make a group and get to know each other
- talented voice actors who will act out the lines you helped create/correct
- you will be credited at the beginning of the cartoon (and if needed your social media link can be put in the description)
- insight of the creation of a cartoon

What we need from you:
- you should be very familiar with the english language, preferably native speaker
- a good sense of humor
- reliability is very important (people who flake or wont respond for days will not be added to the credits)
- examples of previous work so i can check for capability

This Project is neither sponsored nor will be selled. I want to publish it on youtube and newgrounds for free and just want to have fun creating it. Iím not a company but a student that works part time and everyone working with me on this project are volunteering. This is not a paid job but a collaboration!

Send applications to