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Title: Liminal : A YA Play (contains PG-13 language)
Post by: Tsvetock on January 24, 2017, 04:22:46 PM
Hi everyone! This is a bit of a long-ish play but I'd really appreciate some feedback on it. In particular, I'm a bit unsure about the ending so if you want to just skim the beginning and read the end that's helpful too. Thanks!

Synopsis: A young girl runs away from home to find herself. I promise its a lot more interesting than that, I'm just bad at summaries....
Word count: 4,930

You can view the document through this link:

Once again, thank you!
Title: Re: Liminal : A YA Play (contains PG-13 language)
Post by: Artemis Quark on January 24, 2017, 05:04:26 PM
Welcome to MWC, Anna.

In case you haven't already found it, please take a moment to read the forum guidelines here:

Also check out the guidelines for scripts here and note that the word count limit for scripts is 1500 words since the number of lines in dialogue-heavy posts will cover multiple pages and/or excessive scrolling.

I see you have opted to include a link instead, since the script excerpt is nearly five thousand words. You will find that few members will click on a link from a relative unknown member.

I suggest you paste the ending that concerns you along with a synopsis to orient us. You will more likely get responses.

MWC is a great place to get useful feedback. Be sure to offer a few critiques for each one you request to keep things fair.

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