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Title: The Well
Post by: CorneliusPoe on July 24, 2015, 08:53:29 AM

[First appeared in The Avalon Literary Review, Fall 2014]

My well runs deep and dry;
pebble-bottomed pit,
broken glass among the rocks,
the occasional coin, some sad soulís wish
left in the company of cold, dry, stone.

I would if prompted recount a fiction
of strangers passing, full buckets, and refreshment;
of the joys of spring, a shaded canopy
and welcome offerings.

Redact the sunlit horror
of spitting children and the piss
of careless parents.

Their monstrous visage increased by time;
lifelessly growing, refusing to die
with fonder recollection; lost,
like meager moisture hoarded,
hidden, then dried.

This poem was workshopped here. I can't thank you all enough.
Title: Re: The Well
Post by: Mark T on July 25, 2015, 02:28:56 PM

hiya marc, masterly and mature poetry-writing, really enjoyed this a lot - the opening line reminded me of a long-forgotten song dating back to the 70s, stuff we saffa kids were into before getting military drafted and shafted - still busy cherry-picking the youtube playlist - thanks for the memories in my headphones.  8)
My pick - this is poetry, man.

umakhi t

Title: Re: The Well
Post by: CorneliusPoe on July 27, 2015, 07:30:53 AM
Worth posting just for the links. Thanks a million, Mark. the internet closes a lot of gaps. I wish it could close the one that keeps me from buying you a drink and shaking your hand.
Title: Re: The Well
Post by: Mark T on July 27, 2015, 06:10:12 PM

Thanks dude, I wuz feeling a little sheepish after that hijack style post. Glad you enjoyed. Don't encourage me...

This was a band from my hometown - hear that Durban accent - I actually knew a couple of them but just from around the clubs - i used to go listen to bands for gigs for the joint i was running back then. Anyway, went to watch them open for Bon Jovi at Kings Park - bon jovi sucked of course but i always liked these guys.