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Title: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: constantD on February 09, 2006, 07:57:19 PM
 ???wut to do


check out the poem at the bottom of the page!!

Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: writingfriend on February 09, 2006, 10:55:54 PM

I have a couple of ideas that might motivate you. Join a writing forum. If you are interested in keeping the creative juices flowing, a writing forum can help. I run a forum with 15 members. If you are interested, email me at:  Something else that might help is to read my article on Writer's Block, No Such Thing! It's posted in the archives of

Here it is:

The dark recesses of your brain, known as the cerebral cortex, is where the words to your many stories lay dormant.  They’ve taken a leave of absence without any authorization.  You know they’re there because you’ve accessed them many times before.  Is this what is known as “writer’s block?”

Is there such a thing as “writer’s block?”  Does our writing mind shut down like a factory when it’s time to go home?  Does our writing ability go on vacation or enter la-la-land?  Or does it act like a signal light going from green, writing without ceasing; yellow, slowing down - getting off the track; or red, complete meltdown - do not pass go or collect $200.00 - stopped dead in its tracks.

If writer’s block existed, you wouldn’t be able to write your name, make out a shopping list, pay your bills, or write down an appointment and keep it!  So unless you’re dead or in a coma, there are many opportunities to get over your “writer’s block.”

Get Creative:

Go to the park with pen and paper and write what you see.  Then what you hear, smell, feel and taste.  Your senses are always in working condition.  For example:  “The bird looked like it stood still in the air.”  Now fill it in with more description.  “The large hook-billed eagle hovered over the ground, looking for prey with his keen eyes.”  Try it with all the senses.

Another trick is to take your dictionary and start reading the words.  A lot of times this will trigger something loose.  Or randomly pick a word and write about it.  How about randomly picking a word and adding the word, land or village or town behind it.  For example:  I close my eyes and my finger lands on - “revolve.”  Now put the word land behind it and you have - Revolve Land.  I don’t know about you, but I can see a children’s story about a town that has revolving playgrounds or schools.  Use your imagination and you’ll be surprised at what you come up with.

I have a fun project I started that keeps my brain from going to la-la-land. 

1)  Take a small box about 12”x12” (or a size that suits you), and write “Story Starters” on it.

2)  Get some baggies, a black marker, pen, and notebook paper.

3)  On one baggy write: “Character Names, another “Settings,” another “Emotions” and the last “Objects.”

4)  a)  Take your pen and paper and write as many “Character Names” you can think of.  Just make up names.  Get a phone book if you have trouble.  Fill up the whole page.   Now do the same with “Settings,” “Emotions,” and “Objects.”

     b)  Cut and fold each one and put them in their individual marked baggy.

     c)  Now draw a paper from each baggy.  You now have a “Story Starter.”

Here’s an example:

Character Name                   Setting                  Object                      Emotion

Baron Colmsby                    Concert                  Baby Girl                    Funny

I choose one piece of paper from each baggy and this is what I come up with.  My imagination is running wild.  I visualize Baron Colmsby at a musical concert.  Someone has brought a baby to the event.  Think of funny incidents regarding the Baron and the baby.  In fact, that would be a good title for the story - The Baron and the Baby.  Could make for a funny story.

You can make a baggy for anything.  How about:  “Story Titles,” “occupations,” “mannerisms,” to name a few.  That’s the fun of this project.  I even have a baggy with “phobias.”  Whatever phobia I pick from the bag, you can be sure that one of my characters has it.  It’s a blast!  There are tremendous possibilities, as well as a myriad of things to write about.  Keep it simple, or make it as elaborate as you want.

So you see there are potentials all around us.  All you need is your imagination and your senses.  So, in my opinion, unless you have no imagination, there’s no reason for “writer’s block!”

I hope this has been of some help. Make yourself write something every day. Keep a writing journal, even if it's writing your feelings, frustrations, what you did that day - but write! Don't let any excuse keep you from that writing goal.

Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: Symphony on February 10, 2006, 05:55:58 AM
Hi ConstantD,

You've already joined a writers forum so you're well on your way to getting pen to paper/fingers to keyboard again. Well done!

Don't force it. There's no such thing really as writer's block - just your brain wanting to take a break for a bit (or, in my case, a few months!!!). Sometimes you just feel uninspired by anything - and other times you can't find the words to describe whatever it is you feel you might like to write!! All part of the process - and just remember that 'forced' writing wil read exactly like 'forced' writing. Pretty pointless, really.

What's more important is getting into that habit again of writing 'something' every day - quality's not important now at all. Try a diary! Works for me - usually I'm so bored by the end of the second day that I'll willingly write ANYTHING else! Have a hunt through some competition pages - some of these comps have prompts, which are great to get things going. Go have a coffee in a crowded coffee shop and eavesdrop on the conversation at the next table. Write down the exact dialogue and plan a little story around it - you'll be surprised what you can come up with if you let yourself be extremely devious, mean, evil, other-worldly or whatever you choose to do with it. Whatever you do, be MISCHIEVOUS. Have fun!

Go on! Try something right now! And let us know how you get on.

Good luck,

Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: Maria on February 10, 2006, 10:37:23 AM
Hi ConstantD,

really sorry you sound so fed up, and after reading one of the replies to your plight, from Our Symphony, (Hiya girl how you doin), the bit about sitting at the next table and listening in.  Well it reminded me of one of my trips into town on the local bus, (before I had a car, god that seems like centuries ago), I sat behind two old ladies chatting and without meaning to I could hear everything they were saying, I nearly split my sides when one of them said, she had been watching a programme about POULTRYGIESTS, and it had scared her so she never got a wink of sleep.  It took me a while to get over that, I still chuckle about it now.  Just glad I wasn't eating something at the time, or I would have choked.  Anyway if nothing else hope it made you smile.

Maria x
Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: Symphony on February 10, 2006, 03:38:22 PM
hehe - love that story, Maria. It's just great to have a giggle at someone else's expense now and again, isn't it???  :P
(well, I mean, that's what we writers DO, isn't it?)

*sneaks away to hide behind sofa just in case anyone's shocked*

Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: mysterynovice on February 18, 2006, 03:14:29 PM
constantd don't give up  or give in. You can make it.I find it often that I feel unmotivated also but I just think about the world and how I can change it .Simply by writing what I feel.I wish you the best of luck ;D

Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: orchid15 on February 18, 2006, 06:09:28 PM
I am currently unmotivated because I am sick and tired.  But This has happened before.  After some rest. if I don't get my zing back I will try reading some kids books or tell some stories to neighborhood kids- or even read them one of mine. 

Once I reconnect with the reality that writing is just telling stories on paper, thern I get back into storytelling mode, and my audience becomes real again, instead of a faceless mob.  Then I find I enjoy writing again.

Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: Lin on February 19, 2006, 09:47:02 AM

How can I help you when all is quite lost?
Write me a letter, Im sure it won't cost
Write me a poem, a letter to Santa
With lots of words and plenty of banter
Drop me a line, dont go round the bend
Just write me some words my internet friend
Dont give up hope, all is not lost
I hope very soon your mind will defrost.
Its winter out there and soon comes the summer
Losing your word power, it sure is a bummer
So get out your pen and write me a letter
And soon, very soon I hope you feel better

Lin x

Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: prophetcharlesb on February 19, 2006, 04:02:21 PM
I think if you feel the write is not there, go fishing, or what ever else you want to do till the urge to write returns. Ive learned thru my experiences with callings, you dont push them to exceed their limits of your life that your able to deal with at present time. The gift never gets tired but the person with the gift does. Hope all works out for the good for you.
Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: orchid15 on February 19, 2006, 07:05:22 PM
Holly berries in February

A mob of birds in the corner of the yard
Chaotically flitting about—apparently random motion
Robins, jays, thrush and mockingbirds join with sparrows and chickadees.
The large holly bushes, answer the mystery.
Their branches heavy with fermenting fruit,
The heady scent calls the birds to a block party.
Birds crowd and jostle for the best positions. 
Some jump at the berries from the ground
Others swoop and grab treats mid-flight.
Hundreds of fluttering wings, but they don’t fight. 
There’s plenty for all, so they stuff their beaks, get knocked to the ground
And flutter up to gobble more.

A few days, and it’s over.  Two or three birds look forlornly at the empty branches,
Hoping to see some forgotten morsel.
The party is over until next year.

poetry isn'yt usually my thing, but I have been watching the birds getting drunk on th holly berries the last few days
So, here i my assignment teacher Lin.

Looking forward to constantD's offering

Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: Lin on February 20, 2006, 03:21:17 AM
Loved it and thank you as you probably know Im a birdwatcher and conservationist, I also work on a nature reserve doing the nesting bird survey.

Must dash going to England, lovely visions of birds getting drunk!!

Title: Re: Im unmotivated to write any more
Post by: mary on February 22, 2006, 11:42:09 AM
Hi Constant D,

  Ok, I love poetry and friends have written you some really cheery stuff.  Your plight reminded me of an english comp. assignment I had in early college days. I was very totally stumped and had a deadline to meet in order to turn earn a grade. So here's a secret as to how I solved my blank mind problem. Because I can sew (and you can do this with glue if you want) I made a tiny doll of my primary character and pinned her to my coat; collected paper & pen (no blackberries or laptops invented yet) put them in my pocket and took a bus to town (too poor to own a car). I wrote down all the events, impressions interactions and adventures my little character doll had. It's amazing how many people will talk to or about a little doll on your lapel and when I returned home I had enough scribbliings to turn it into a mini adventure story. I got an A. Now you must promise to keep my secret. And since my story is currently stuck...I think I'll go make some dolls. I hope this cheers you as much as a poem can.  :) mary