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Title: writing for stress relief
Post by: fairyblondi on April 19, 2012, 11:02:40 PM

Writing has always been a great stress relaxer. Now, mind you, I have always taught my children, never to write down anything that they could not back up or repeat. The evidence then is in the written word. Today we have all kinds of cameras that will catch you digging in your nose to ones breast “falling out”. Yes, that maybe a funny sight but I could write that a long and crooked nose twitched as he stuck his index finger into his hairy, green mucus, and buggery clogged nose. That is a disgusting not so funny description. She was dressed to the nines with lace and satin covered buttons across her top and just the right amount of cleavage when suddenly, one no two, full mounded and round breast with browned nipples came toppling out as lace and satin buttons flew across the stage as she was bowing down to an over the limit crowd. Now you have a very different vision of what the video showed.
I still say written expression gives a person visual video that can be played many ways in one’s mind and no one could ever see but the one running the mind camera while reading written expression. If I write, “There was a long, sleek, black, and luscious hairy cat”. Where does your mind go? It can put you in remembrance of Grandma’s black cat.  Remember the time; when friends and you were sneaking, into the movie theater in the alley, when that black cat jump from behind the dumpster or maybe it would be at Johnny’s. His momma, in a long, sleek, and sheer gown with beautiful black flowing hair was coming down the stairs, that night you stayed at his house.
I could further and deeper but we will leave it right there. Therefore, no one knows what is going on in your mind right now! That is why I say liberated in letters and my slogan is “For you written by me”. I am able to take you anywhere you want to be with only a few adjectives. Such as, I did with long, sleek, black, luscious, and hairy. This will set people free, in their minds, if only for the moment. To bring peace, tearing down vain imaginations, and re posting newly found love in an old time friend. So get liberated in letters and set your mind free, for you written by me.