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Title: Molly's War (2)
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Another part of Molly's War.

They boarded the bus that would take them to Edinburgh.  Molly glanced out of the window and felt a little sad as the bus pulled out of the terminal.  She would miss the sea.  It had been her calmig spirit when she was feeling down.  Yes, she would miss North Berwick and the few friends  shehad made over the years.  Georgina Thompson was really her only true friend.  She was the girl who had hosted the going away party for her.  They promised to write to each other when Molly got settled.

Arriving in Edinburgh a few hours later, Molly's mother hustled her off of the bus onto a tram which would take to the place where they would have their passport pictures taken.  Then off to a shop to buy a new coat for Molly.  It was a beautiful blue with a tiny pocket at the top of the left hand side.  Her mother also bought her two new dresses.  Molly was thrilled with them, one was white covered with tiny blue and pink flowers, the other was checkered.  She hadn't had anything new for such a long time.  She felt very special.

They made their way to the doctor's office for their physicals.  Molly's mother had gone in first and had told the doctor of the adventure they were going on.  Wjhile the the doctor was examining Molly he said,
"I hear from your mother that your going to Canada to live in Banff.  I was in Banff many years ago, during the war.  The town is surrounded by majestic mountains.  Not only that, Molly, you can see Bears and Moose walking around town."  
olly was awestruck.
"Don't they chase you," Molly said with her eyes agog.
"Animals are just as scared of you as you are of them.  There is a law that yuou don't feed the Bears or any animal in the park.  Banff is a National Park where wild animals are allowed to roam free as long as they don't hurt anyone." The doctor said, hoping that he hadn't scared Molly.

After their appoinments with the doctor and the passport office they boarded another bus that would take them to the farm where her grandmother lived. Molly was not looking forward to saying good-by to her.  Over the years she had grown to lover her.  She had really been the only stable person in her life since her grandfather's death.  Molly was looking so sullen almost on the verge of tears, an Molly's mother tried to console her, "Please Molly try to a little cheerful about our new life, make it an adventure.  Molly lashed out at her mother. "I don't want a new life, I want to live with my grandmother. I don't want to live with you!"  Molly's mother was saddened, and didn't know what to say.  Tears welled up in her eyes and she turned away from Molly.  Molly couldn't have cared less.  She had no feelings for this lady was her mother and they rode to the farm in silence.

Mr. Murchie was driving the bus out to the farm and Molly was very happy to see him and sad at the same time, she would miss this man, who reminded her so much of her cherished grandfather.  She had known Mr. Muchie from the times that she had been allowed to leave the foster home to viist her grandmother on week-ends.  She sat in the front seat across from him and said.  "Mr. Murchie I'm going to Canada soon, and I will not be seeing you again."  Mr. Murchie was surprised.  "What an adventure Molly, are you excited?"
"Not really."  Molly answered.  "More scared than excited."
"I'll miss you Molly, but i will always remember you and your sick stomachs and smiling face."  Mr. Murchie leaned over and gave Molly a pat on the shoulder.  Molly had always been happy riding ont the bus to the farm.

Molly settled down in her seat.  She thought about her life up until then and all the things she would miss the most.  Born in Edinburgh, Scotlan in 1933, she had lived with her grandmother, grandfather and three uncles and an aunt.  She saw little of her aunt and uncles as they were away at school all week, and when they came home, all they would do was tease her.  She didn't see much of her mother. After Molly was born, her mother took a position in another cityl. Once in awhile she would arrive to see how Molly was doing.  Her mother made no impression on her and she did not care if she were there or not.

She did not know her father, and no-one would talk about him.  Molly's mother and Molly went to live with her parents after Molly was born. Molly's grandmother was not too happy as she already had four other children to feed. Her grandmother was a gentle woman but got very impatient with Molly.  Molly's grandfather was the love of her life; she followed him around everywhere he went, like his shadow.   He was a good natured person with a balding head, a huge mustache and a very kind face with a warm smile.  Molly loved this person.  This person loved Molly.