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Title: Ultimately
Post by: Karayana on July 06, 2006, 08:56:27 AM
This is a poem about soul initiation.


Oh Darkness hold me still within
The wholesome womb of nurturing.
Drown me deep as deep can go
To depths I did not even know
And show me hidden far away
The things that shun the light of day.

Oh light of day surround without
Clear sight of which I have no doubt
So bright that all I do is see
All that this world would hide from me
And blind me until I awake
And see how much there is at stake.

For Mother, Father, your words I hear
To your balance I will adhere
But still I 'll look that other way
Not into night nor into day
But far away to nothingness
Where the new me will exist.

And though the dark still holds my heart
Caresses me with love, I'll part
And though the light shows me a way
I know that there will come a day
When I will follow my longing home
And exist no more as flesh and bone.

And then I 'll Be.