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Title: let us test how smart and creative we can be as authors
Post by: Judges SCHEKINA on May 12, 2010, 01:09:08 PM
Hi everybody, lets write a story.
It should be based on our familiarities and experiences with those things that are peculiar to our environments but at the some time, lacking in the environment of others.
Our story should indirectly expose our similarities ond differences in the way we appreciate life both around us and far away from us.
A typical man of the jungle like myself will certainly talk more about the enjoyable or unbearable noise in the jungle made by my cousins (animals) while a westerner, living in a very industrialised society will likely talk about the locomotives or so.
However, let us limit to 5 lines per post, and 5 words per line.
More so, let each word in a line start with the last letter or the previous word in that line and let each new line start with the last letter of the previous line /sentence.
then, I will start.

How wrathful... lazy yawners sing
groans so obvious, so odd,
done exactly you understand danger
rages speedily, yet that threatens
solely you. Unless someone endeavour