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Title: A dog's life
Post by: randomElf on June 10, 2006, 05:29:16 AM
A dogís life

We stood in golden fields of a sun-drenched day,
heat soaked as my father bent down to stroke her head -
so gentle - like Iíd never seen him before.

He touched her snout, drier than my mouth,
thick drool dripping down to the grass
and she quivered and whined.

A soft whimper that
escaped on her beaten lungs as she breathed:
in and out Ė slowly, agonizingly - in and out.

Itís okay my girl... my father said,
not sure if he was talking to me or
to her, as she lay near her loss on the ground.

I just stared at my father, tall and frowning,
his red checkered shirt and tattered hat cocked;
then down at the brown haired, broken mutt: Sandy, our dog -

the lump of cancer on her lungs wanting the last of her life.
This wonít hurt a bit... my father said, sweat salty
like tears on his skin. But we both knew it would,

more inside than out -
as my father so gentle,
brought the black barrel up

and my breath stood still
as the wind died down
and the birds cried out:

Ka-Qaaw, Ka-Qaaw,
the death bell rang, bullet ripped;
and we both went quiet

so very still,
as silent as a church
in prayer.

And I thought to myself
blood-gripped on the grass:
God must be watching.

He must be smiling and waiting.
Because my father told me
not long ago, when my mother

lay still in her bed. Donít worry girl,
 it will be all right.
Heíll bring her back from the dead.

Title: Re: A dog's life
Post by: mickward on June 11, 2006, 04:20:32 AM

  i keep readingthis over and over, which is a good thing if you ask me. I love the imagery and being a dog-owner myself, I found it portrayed the love between a dog and it's owner so very wel. Some may find it a dark and worrying piece of work, but I find it touching and rather beautiful.........well done.

  mick Wardl