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Title: for NICK
Post by: goldanon on January 18, 2006, 11:13:23 PM
I'm not sure how else to get a message to you...  I recieved parts I and IV of teh "Your Nick Daws Course" for which I signed up about a month ago.  But I never recieved Parts II and III ??  It was the freebie I signed up for, is it designed that way?  If not, Please help.  I did not respond to the e-mail because the address is "noreply@" and that usually means just what it says.  Should I reply to the e-mail?  erk...
Title: Re: for NICK
Post by: Nick on January 19, 2006, 04:40:25 AM
Hi Goldanon

No, there definitely are parts 2 and 3 as well! What usually happens in these cases is that they have been intercepted somewhere along the line by an over-zealous spam filter.

Can I ask you to go to my publisher's customer support website at and raise a ticket there? One of their trained technicians will contact you within 24 hours (hopefully much sooner) and make alternative arrangements to send parts 2 and 3 of the mini-course.

Incidentally, I'm assuming that this is the mini-course available from There is also a mini-course available from, so it is important to make clear which course you subscribed to.

Hope that sorts it out, but let me know if not!


Title: Re: for NICK
Post by: goldanon on January 19, 2006, 08:35:54 AM
ooh well I'm not  sure.  I originally signed up from a different web site.  And that 's how I found this place too (but I think it was in the first e-mail I got),  It was a site about writing for travel magazines, which in turn I got from an ad, can't remember where:
the site's name is
but the SPOT I got to from the ad (which is tough to find on that site otherwise) was:
and THAT spot had an ad in upper left corner sayng "write you book in 28 days" and PHEW - that's how I got to YOU!
I will send them a ticket as you said.
THanks for the quick response on that.
Title: Re: for NICK
Post by: Nick on January 19, 2006, 08:39:44 AM
No problem! If you found the mini-course on the website for my "28 Days" course, it would definitely have been (

All the best,