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Title: My idea...
Post by: SPORTPAS on August 28, 2009, 12:54:57 PM

So the other night i was sitting at home alone and suddenly i got an idea for a play. I call it Subject to change. Its about the end of a teenager called Ash's life. I wanted to create a new idea so i thought of setting it now but completely real. It will be prominade and i have looked at a few places that are suitable and big enough to put it on.

For the beginning part of the play the audience are seated. It opens with a Spotlight on Ash sitting on his bed. In one hand he has a letter and the other a Photo. He kisses the photo and places it to his left. He stands and gives the opening line of the play then procedes to kill himself. Then his mom and brother run in and see him. She sees the photo and gives it a puzzled look.

The rest of the play gives the audience a choice. They have Been introduced to three different Characters now. They Have Ash, His Mom Rachael and his Brother Adam. The audience can now choose to follow Ash's mom to figure out who it is in the Photo or they can follow Ash to find out why he killed himself.

Along the way the audience will play a part in the play. For example in the Funeral Scene they will play the friends and family. Then when we get to the end of the play we find out that it could have been different that the audience could have done something to change the ending.

If that is difficult to follow then PM me and i will be able to explain further.
Title: Re: My idea...
Post by: Lew Charles on September 07, 2009, 04:47:42 PM
Sounds interesting. Never hear of much Promenade. I saw Cabaret in New York, and the audience were the audience in the play too, but we didn't have such a big role. Studied Performing Arts too. Please explain more...