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Title: ~2~Riding with Faith
Post by: Skip Slocum on December 18, 2008, 11:46:16 AM
Riding with Faith       this picks up after: Random Chance Retrieving Faith


   Gary listened to her steps on the linoleum, the heels of her boots were almost three inches high yet her steps were almost silent. Most young women of this modern age would have clomped across the floor; this meant she had some training in grace and poise. She paused a respectful distance away until Gary gestured for her to sit. Stepping right up next to his booth, she paused again, “Good morning”

“Please sit”

    She thanked him kindly, easing ever so gently into her seat. He hadn’t stopped sizing her up since he laid eyes on her and now when she didn’t flop into her seat he knew this girl wasn’t your ordinary valley-girl.

     Gary kicked his detective skills into high gear trying to asses what she was then he would see if her words matched what he thought. Manicured nails in the French style, no lip or nose piercing, only a single earring in each ear with a matching necklace. The width of the red finger marks on her face told him her husband was a large man with fat fingers and from the angle of them; she was most likely cowering when he smacked her.

     Just then, his food arrived and her eyes had already eaten most of it off his plate. So she hadn’t eaten in a while and even though she wore diamonds, she had no cash.

He held out his hand, “Gary”

She flinched, stuttered, and her eyes flashed left and right before she took his welcome, “S-Sandra”

  Gary pulled his hand back and looked her dead in the eye,
“Are you sure you want to start this conversation off with a lie young lady?” 

She lowered her face slightly from shame.

“Lets try this again, Good morning my name is Gary.” He stuck his hand back out.

This time when she took his welcome she almost whispered, “Nice to meet you Gary my name is Faith.”

Gary knew she told the truth that time but decided to see how brazen she was so he baited her to see her reaction.

“That’s a sexy name doll.”

She pressed her lip tightly together for a second then started to excuse her self,

“I’m sorry you must have the wrong impression, I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

“Wait, I apologize, that was out of line, please sit.”

     Gary instantly knew she was a gentle person with proper boundaries befitting two strangers meeting for the first time. He took the saucer out from under his coffee cup, put one of the eggs, half the hash browns and one of the sausages on it. Slowly he slid the saucer to her side of the table with her watching it like a hungry owl yet she kept her hands in her lap.

“Would you please join me for breakfast, Faith?”

“Thank you”

He could tell she wanted to tear into it as if she was starving so he handed her one of his pieces of toast, which won him a smile.

“You needing a ride?”

“Yes, please, you’re not going north are you?”

“No dear I’m sorry, I’m going to breeze down to Jacksonville then I’m heading west.”

She looked relieved, “May I join you for a while?”

This won her a smile, “Sure, right after were done eating I’ll fill up and we can hit the road. Have you ever ridden on the back of a motor cycle?”

    She shook her head not wanting to talk with food in her mouth. After they ate, he went over to the pumps to fill up while she stopped by the little-girls room. Gary hadn’t expected a passenger so he strapped his helmet onto her.

“If you have a hair tie you might want to tie it back then stuff it inside your shirt, er, sweater, if you don’t you’ll be combing tangles out for a week with all that hair you got.”

    This won him his second smile and it seemed warmer than the first one. Once he got her on the back of his bike, he gave her the standard speech about keeping her feet on the pegs and no matter what she thought about riding, she had to keep her shoulders between his.

     Glancing down Gary realized he hadn’t had a woman on the back of his bike in quite a while. Sitting between a pair of sexy legs made him swallow hard. The height of her seat put the heat of her secret right in the small of his back. This quickened his heart rate a little more.

     When he dropped it into gear, the bike lunged slightly like an impatient racehorse locked into a starting gate waiting for the bell. Faith through her arms around his waist thinking she was going to roll off the back. Gary knew she was perfectly safe with the backrest behind her but there was no way he was going to bother explaining that to her. He felt like a king again for the first time in years.

     As he pulled out into traffic, the sounds she was making under her breath let him know she wasn’t sure she made a good decision climbing onto his wild ride. To assure her everything would be alright he patted the outside of her left knee, she misunderstood, clamping her knees in tighter to him.

     Gary had no way of knowing at the time it had been a while since she had a man that close to her thighs but as the vibrations of the road relaxed her she laid her head on his back and enjoyed her own thoughts.