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Title: Caption Contest #9 VOTE, VOTE. VOTE!!!
Post by: Wurdsmyth on December 16, 2008, 01:23:52 PM
Hello lovely people!

The response for Caption Contest 9 has been nothing short of phenomenal, with a veritable smorgasbord of wittiness for your consideration. So VOTE VOTE VOTE (literally, three votes each) and the poll will close next TUESDAY 23rd DECEMBER...

Wurdy xx  ;D

The captions:

1.  Just try turning me into Chow Mein, I dare you.

2.  Nyauw-ayumy-ungum-sooungiou-goiweeingum-palamyeu -nyuongitoo  Woof Woof… I said, "You have to sing it in one long deep monotonous tone through your nasal passages"

3.  Please God, make them take the collar from round my chest.

4.  Davros gets a face lift then takes Rover to the temple.

5.  Dalai Lama shorter and hairier than once thought.

6.  Praying mantis. Praying dog. - Live with it.

7.  Dog juggles four - Man only one.  "Master my arse..."

8.  Simon says...

9.  Alistair Darling joins a monastery after his eyebrows grow wildly out of control.

10.  He's got a dwarf under that robe you know.

11.  Cujo wasn't as frightening after they taught it Tai Chi.

12.  The two practiced hard, hoping for a place in the Tibetan synchronised diving team for the 2012 Olympics.

13.  This tableau lends a whole new tilt to the phrase "Dogmatic Faith", does it not?

14.  "I don't understand why you would persist with this charade, Spot. It was just a movie. Dogs don't really go to heaven."

15.  Woof. So let me get this straight. You sit up and beg for that chubby statue, and he gives you a treat. Right? Right? Because, woof, so help me him, if I don't get a treat, I'll...I'll...Well, let's just say that I finished a whole bowl of water before we came.

16.  HEADLINE: Gyppo had a haircut and a shave prior to the launch party for his new book, Zen and  the Art of Dog Maintenance

17.  Okay monk you're doing good. Next we are going to lean forwards and lick our bollocks ...

18.  Psssst! Don't look now but there's a smiling head floating past behind us.

19.  Aww. Looks like Buddha wouldn't melt in his mouth.
Title: Re: Caption Contest #9 VOTE, VOTE. VOTE!!!
Post by: Wurdsmyth on December 17, 2008, 12:31:58 PM
Keep voting! Your votes really do count... you can make someone's Christmas!! 

Wurdy xx
Title: Re: Caption Contest #9 VOTE, VOTE. VOTE!!!
Post by: thatollie on December 30, 2008, 01:04:11 PM
This really should have been stickied.