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Title: The Wizard War (Chapter Nineteen)
Post by: davidleejones13 on August 30, 2008, 02:16:37 AM
Jerik did not know if the overwhelming dread he felt was from loosing Tika to his Dark Master or from the fact they were headed to PetraPutrid Peak. He realized that since he had met Tika his human side grappled with the insect for control over his soul. For the first time in days his mind was alive with coherent thought instead of the bug-like instincts that had ruled his recent actions. Simply put, he felt like his former human self again.

At the moment he found himself mourning the loss of the company of the sweet little girl. The loathing he felt for his Darkmaster was beginning to overtake the previous overwhelming fear that had kept him obedient to the Dark Lord. The 'bugman' felt new confidence and entertained the thought of dropping his small passenger from this great height. He knew this was folly for the Dark One possessed magic to prevent such a fall from ending His life. Jerik decided he would wait until he saw an opportunity to catch the Darkmaster unaware, even though it was probably suicide, he would make him pay for taking Tika's body and soul.

Jerik turned his mind to their destination. Petra Peak was taught to all potential Mages during the First Year within the Order. It was rumored to be a great source of power but most who had ventured there lusting to harness it's energy never returned from the journey. In his grandfather's time people and animals from the outlying regions began disappearing  in the middle of the night and dark tales of great evil associated with the mountain began circulating throughout the land. By the time his father was born a great stench had begun emanating from the area which prompted the population of humans to flee the land and change the name to PetraPutrid Peak.

“There!” Tika's voice shouted above the rushing wind shaking Jerik out of his daydream. He looked to the horizon to see the jagged snow covered mountain thrust upward from a flat plain and pierce through dark angry storm clouds. Bone shattering claps of thunder sent the banks of powdery snow around the mountainside into never ending avalanches. People in his father's time had dubbed this phenomenon “Thunder snow.”

Constant lightning made the clouds of Thunder snow glow in a permanent soft bluish haze.
The great storm surrounding the peak raged year round and efficiently replenished the drifts of wintry precipitation upon the mountain's rocky slopes perpetuating the cycle indefinitely. Jerik found it's dangerous beauty awe inspiring as they made their way across the flat plain and neared the Peak.

“Get above the clouds!” Tika ordered.

Jerik climbed into the churning mass of swirling angriness. For several minutes they endured the bone chilling hell of pelting hail and icy darkness until merciful sunlight light from above lit the air around them. They broke through the clouds and were hit with  a sudden surprising warmth which hung low to the clouds tops.

Jerik's momentum carried him through this thin barrier of warmth breaking into icy air above. He hovered a moment or two but found it impossible to fight the turbulent winds that seemed to rage from the peak before them.

“Set down over there!” Tika's command was faintly heard through the howling tumult pointing towards a cloud top close by.

“On top of the clouds?” He responded disbelievingly, “Have you absolutely lost your mind?”

“Just do it Bugman!” She ordering indignantly.

He reluctantly lowered his passenger as instructed and was amazed when the billowy surface did not give. Jerik looked around in amazement as they now stood atop the clouds. Just above him within reach of an extended arm and finger tips, the racing winds howled above an unseen barrier, but, where they stood,  the atmosphere was calm and comfortable. The bugman was thankful for the respite for they had been flying nearly all day long without rest..

“C'mon Jerik,” Tika's voice reached him resonating with an eery echo, “we must walk from here.”

“Powerful magic indeed,” Jerik shook his head in awe, “this is fantastic.”

The Peak rose out of the clouds before them like a giant black finger pointing skyward. From it's crest a plume of black smoke was ripped by high altitude air currents in all directions. This created a thin veil-like canopy that hung over the mountain for miles.

“It's to hide from the gods' prying eyes.” The Darkmaster explained with the little girl's voice after reading Jerik's mind.

“Why?” Jerik asked quizzically, “What is being concealed from them?”

A great roar from high above answered the bugman's question. Three huge black dragons began descending in slow lazy cirlces towards them.

A smirk played on the little girl lips as a devious glint fired in Tika's small blue eyes.

“My army,” He replied with Tika's soft sweet voice.


Ione had woke to find herself alone, but with the nagging feeling she was being watched. She spent the morning polishing her armor and preparing her weaponry for the upcoming battle trying to ignore the odd sensation, but nothing she did quelled the feeling. As the morning fog burned off, and the sun rose high into the sky, the feeling intensified.

She decided to leave the tree home and go into the center of the village in the hopes that having the rustic population around her would comfort her, but the opposite turned out to be the case. As she entered the main square she had notice that a heavy silence blanketed the entire parish. As she paced down the wide dirt avenue that was the villages main road she was meet by odd blank stares from the people around her.  She tried to politely greet them but no one replied.

She nervously looked over her shoulder as the shuffling of dozens of feet were the only noise that met her ears.

“What is going on here?” She turned on her heel and faced the growing mob. Her heart sank as the mass of people relentlessly marched forward in complete silence. She turned and ran intending to double back to the tree house upon reaching the first alleyway, but fear began burning away at her stomach as she was met by village folks blocking each alleyway she came to. Ione suddenly wished that she had worn her weapons and armor as she realized the village population was methodically corralling her towards the main gate.

“Devon, Favereau!” She screamed out in desperation hoping the men were within earshot.

As she was ushered through the gates opening she turned to face the villagers.

“Why are you doing this?” She screamed out.

The throng silently stared on without emotion as the gates slowly swung closed. She fell to her knees feeling unexplained weakness throughout her whole body.

From somewhere high above she heard a high pitch screech followed moments later by the painful grasp of sharp talons ripping into the soft flesh of her shoulders. Her head spun as she felt herself being whisked away, high into the air, at bone jarring speed. She looked down to see the village's rooftops rapidly falling away before slipping into unconsciousness.
Title: Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Nineteen)
Post by: Christopher Silva on August 30, 2008, 03:50:21 PM
Hey Lee, WW is moving forward. Great man. Needs an edit but its your usual good stuff.

Title: Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Nineteen)
Post by: davidleejones13 on August 31, 2008, 02:44:08 AM
You know me, still writing at four and five in the morning. Thank you for reading. This little tale has come a long way from it's culmination on the other board. I have had loads of fun with it, thanks for starting it up.

your friend,
Title: Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Nineteen)
Post by: fire-fly on August 31, 2008, 04:10:44 AM
Hi Lee,

Nice one again and same sentiments as Chris, does need a good edit. I am now waiting for more each time you post.  ;D ;D

Title: Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Nineteen)
Post by: davidleejones13 on September 01, 2008, 03:06:32 AM
Thanks for reading FF!
I am not really focused lately because of several factors drawing me in different directions.
A few different members approached me wanting me to continue this story, so I did this exclusively for them. What dissappoints me, is that the people who convinced me to pick this back up have not commented on the latest posts. I am assuming all are too busy to comment, but I see people are reading. I just wish a few more would chime in an let me know if they Like OR dislike where it is going.

Chris has let me know what he thinks...where are the rest who were following this tale?
Have they lost interest? Have they moved on to other site?
Please let me know know who you you like...or not...

Title: Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Nineteen)
Post by: Andrewf on September 01, 2008, 04:14:12 AM
Hmmm  not seeing any taint of good from Tika's pure soul influencing the dark master yet... ;D

Still interested to see where this goes.
Title: Re: The Wizard War (Chapter Nineteen)
Post by: davidleejones13 on September 01, 2008, 10:32:40 AM
I am glad you are still following along.
There are still a few surprises in store with this tale.
It is getting to the point where things are about to really take off.

thanks for reading...