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Title: about victim movies
Post by: commatose on April 15, 2006, 11:59:23 PM
 i personally can't watch 'victim movies' or actual news of occurrances such as this, as they upset my sense of right and wrong, fairplay and justice. i try to not fill my head with such things since there's nothing i can do to help, and i feel needlessly frustrated.
but there is, i believe, a fair size audience for such a subject.
it just came to me this genre seems much more popular with women than men(the woman's channel seems to specialize in it). i wonder why that is.
and if i'm wrong about that assumption, i really wonder why i would make it!
i know tension is popular in stories rangeing from action to horror to victim movies, but only the victim story makes me feel that way. interesting.
it's funny how most any action situation is attractive to watch as entertainment, but we would not want to actually be there- like a war movie or other life and death situations.
what say you-
steve( (