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Title: Vote for Caption Contest Number 5
Post by: Gyppo on August 18, 2008, 06:59:44 PM
"Welcome to the much delayed poll for Caption Contest Number Five.  We apologise for the late running of this contest which was caused by 'leaves on the track', or, more honestly, too much on Gyppo's plate."

However, the poll is now up, and with a mixed bag of 40 entries you can have up to three votes each.

The poll will close at midnight GMT Friday 29th August 2008

Scroll to the bottom if you need a reminder of the picture, although I imagine the trauma is still pretty strong ;-)


1)  I'd look at that picture whenever I feel depressed...
2)  "With funds running low, the town's diving club had to make other arrangements."

3)  Quick, we shall make the Bee Dance!

4)  The town of Withinghamshire proudly presents Miss Sunshine at the village fête.

5)  I've told you a hundred times..."not so much starch in the collar".

6)  I'll show you how to stop her from nagging...

7)  The original ending to The Wicker Man was far too scary, and had to be reshot.

8)  Blimey, these wasps get bigger every year...

9)   The village of Hadley celebrates its annual Stuff-an-entire-girl-into-a-small-box Day.

10)  Look, I am having a bad hair day, we all have them.  Now put me down!  You may not use me as a mop for the towns peoples amusement!  
I am not a mop! I am a human being!

11)   Lets try our new anger management skills on the mayor.

12)  Brainiac ballet (for those with Sky TV)

13)  “Ve haff vays to make you talk.”

14)  who says guys don like to seeeeeeeee.....  what they wannnaaa seeee

15)  "Why is the world upside down?"

16)  "So all I have to do is just wear some fluffy yellow shorts with a sexy black vest while you all dance around me as Jim dunks my head upside down in a small yellow bucket? With a bunch of people watching? Okay!"

17)  "Oh god, not the bucket!"

18)  "O- mummy, they look so graceful...."

19)  "I was drunk! It didn't mean anything!"

20)  "No... I won't do it again!"

21)  "Now that son, is what you call a real Maypole"

22)  In reponse to your request I confirm that 'Dunkin' Donuts' will sponsor next years event.
Signed .......

23)  Wait! Wait! Wait!   I can't suck that WHOLE bucket of water up my nose.  Good gracious alive...  I have the wrong outfit on.  I have to have my pink and purple fuzzy suit for that.

24)  "Phew! You reckon this rain dance will work?"
"Sure it will with the sacrificial drowning for back up."

25)  The Smithville Amateur Ballet Company's "Flight of the Bumblebee" turns tragic when prima ballerina Stan "Tu-Tu" Tulovitts gets head stuck in honey bucket.

26)  "Look ma, no hands."

27)  What do you mean what am I doing?  You said your water broke!

28)  I'm telling you, that was a bad idea for a first date.

29)  At long last the Karma Sutra goes on sale in Norwich.

30)  "This is the way we wash our hair.
         Wash our, wash our hair.
         This is the way we wash our hair,
         So early in the morn."

31)  Gloucester Safety Councilman: "I said pick an activity SAFER than cheese rolling."

32)  NewsFlash ... Ancient Tribe discovered in Britain ... Mating ritual captured on film ... Watch tonight on National Geo TV

33)   The Snodlingbury Morris Dancing Troupe administered the traditional punishment for costume thieves.

34)  Wolverhampton Wanderers Supporter Forced to Regurgitate Stolen Shirts

35)  Does my head look big in this?

36)  After the failed effort to separate conjoined twins Bruce and Barry Bromswogle, the men put their heads together and began a profitable, yet disturbing, career as performance artists.

37)  Even with a bucket stuck to her head, Lu Lu's charms made men fall to their knees and worship her.

38)  After the sex change operation Jane had no problem being 'one of the guys'

39)  "What do you mean no spare change?  But it's for the fireman's fund!"

40)  "Open your mouth this wide" the dancers implored.