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Title: Article-writing query
Post by: aelfwin on December 16, 2005, 09:08:55 AM
Hi, This is the second writers circle I've joined recently, the other being Newbie-writer, Dawn Copelands site. I've been working on a novel for about 10 months and have wanted to try my hand at writing articles but I seem to have a massive block when it comes to articles. I enjoy working on the novel but when I sit down to write a short paragraph or two, my mind goes as blank as the screen. Any suggestions.  ???

Title: Article Block Suppression :)
Post by: FDHolmes on December 16, 2005, 01:01:06 PM
With respect to the well known and little comprehended 'blank-page' syndrome, often encountered, never entirely defeated, I humbly offer the following suggestions:

Title: Re: Article-writing query
Post by: Nick on December 17, 2005, 10:31:39 AM
Dare I mention it, my Quick Cash Writing course has a lengthy module about article writing in it. For more info and a sample from the course, check out

One good method for coming up with article ideas is to get hold of one or (preferably) more copies of a magazine you are interested in writing for. Identify all the articles that may have been freelance-written, then spend a bit of time thinking about each one, and see if you can think of any ideas based on it. If there is an article about a retired person who has used this opportunity to start their own craft-based business, for example, think if there is anyone you know who has done something similar. Or you could take a trip to your local arts and crafts centre, and see if you can find any interesting stories among the people working there.

The big advantage of this approach is that you know any such article should be of interest to the magazine in question, as they have already published something similar. The art, I suppose, is to come up with an idea that is different enough from the published article that it won't seem like a carbon copy of it, but similar enough to appeal to the same readership.

Hope this helps a bit anyway  :)

Nick GM