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Title: Million Pound Story
Post by: anubisonyx on March 18, 2006, 12:38:25 AM

Reading the forum I see you are looking to develop your own online story which we launched two and a half weeks ago now. I hope you don't take this as more of the same or just spam. We have a I think a number of differences in our approach with our project and I think both can happily live together :) Even if you do not want to take part I hope you might cast your vote in our current poll. Bellow is a brief description of what we are doing and what we are about.

The Million Pound Story is an online collaborative writing project which is open to the entire online writing community. The concept is very simple - we are offering contributors the opportunity to take part in a unique writing project which, if successful, will be turned into an interactive DVD and possibly iTunes download-able film. The characters, plot, theme, setting will all be put to the online community we hope to attract and you will decide how the project should develop.

We are looking to develop the story over the next 12-18 months after which we hope to turn into an interactive DVD film. All that who part in the writing of the online story will be eligible to receive a share of 50% of the profits generated by the sale of the final product. We feel that this is fair as you the online community will have helped create the product.

Million Pound Story will be financed by the sale of ad space on the site as well as though donations / sponsorship. What we need you to do is just come take part. The site is completely free to view, you can sign up for our free monthly newsletter or sign up to our forum its your choice.

The most important aspect at this point in time is the Latest Polls page. Our current vote is to decide what Genre the online story will take, so take the opportunity to cast your vote at:

The more of you that vote the more interesting and representative the final choice of genre will be, after all this your chance to help shape the story and ultimately the entire project. One last thing do let us know what you think, the more feed back we get the better. I hope you find this an intriguing concept and are inspired to join in.

Thank You